So I just decided to work with the Angel Arkapiah and the quality of Allowing from The Angel Overlords (Ben Woodcroft) during the entire COVID_19 quarantine. To begin with I did not have any hopes, I even thougt the quality sounded a bit boring and stale. I kind of regretted I did not go with the quality of Inspiration instead, but this is what I have learned about this cooperasion so far:

  1. Arkapiah is a softie, but nevertheless a versatile powerhouse.
  2. The quality of Allowing keeps me calm and patient during these times of distress.
  3. The quality of Allowing amps up other kind of magic.

Do any of you work with this book?
In that case, what have you learned?


I have the book but haven’t used it yet.

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Ok. I hope you will some sweet day. It is one of the most spectacular modern grimoires.

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To be honest, I can’t choose which quality I need first lol

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Let me direct you to my fellow Arkapiah or would you like a more fun quality like Synchronicity (Goramiah/#19)? <3