Ari's Morning Rituals

Awww… Thank you so much! :blush: Encouraging words always mean alot to me!

I’m really trying but it’s such a pain. Mainly my device is not wanting to cooperate with me :joy:

But I will keep at it for sure.

Unfournately, my electronics have gone haywire today so its gonna have to wait. I guess I got too my powa for these things to handle :joy:

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Still doing my morning Rituals.

And yesterday i clearly put my enn chants on Lucifer but Beelzebub is what played :upside_down_face:

Beelzebub has also given me some information on the bermuda triangle. :small_red_triangle:

This is going to get good. :laughing:

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Oh are you going to share it with us?? :raised_hands::heart_eyes:

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As soon as I get it all together I will. :grinning:

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Temp so low a thermometer woukdnt read it. Finally got a 93.9 …

Slept all day and now it’s 98. Cause I am the Queen. #healmyself

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Glad you’re feeling better, sweet stuff :kissing_heart: :heart:

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I slept all day and all night just waking up on and off for a few minutes here and there …

But my a.m. temp was 96. So I’m doing better.

Thank you! :heart:

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When you really need to talk to someone. But you literally dont know who to trust. Or if talking about it anywhere is safe.

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This has been me for a couple of weeks! If you can, write it down, Invoke/evoke, trust your gut and yourself.

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