Ari's Morning Rituals

I started doing morning rituals. Every morning at 5:30 am.

Yesterday morning I did the ritual and Amaymon, Abaddon, Belial and Azazel rose up, each one standing north, south, east, West.

They looked like the riders from LOTR … Cloaked in black and holding up silver swords with engravings on them.

They move when I move. Like a unit.
I felt better prepared for the day. And all day I felt them with me, moving forward when I move forward. Moving as I move. Swords ever ready.

This is the ritual music I like to listen to.


This is super powerful reading it. As soon as I opened the topic I got hit like a zazp with its power :two_hearts:


This morning again they all four rose up and took their portions around me.

But something else happened. The ark was right in front of me and I reach out and took hold of it.
And heard the same voice that i heard when i did the herbarium diabolicum, Hekate ritual.

“It’s you. It’s always been you.”

But I always experience the ark in Egypt and usually around Set.

Egypt did have arks

All I know is I had profound experiences with Set and the ark in 2019 and now it is showing up again.
So gonna keep pushing forward.

Two days in and Im already having amazing stuff going on.

I do what it takes. :metal:


That’s Awesome ! :metal:


Did this morning’s ritual. I cannot talk about some if it.

But I did shake hands with Claunek.

Other than that most of this mornings ritual was private.


this morning’s ritual has been a long time coming.

I guess we will find out soon enough.

Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern: bitches ~


Abaddon, Amaymon, Belial, and Azazel are following me into circle readings now.

This has become interesting for sure.


This morning’s ritual went really well. Amaymon, Abaddon, Belial and Azazel made their usual appearances.

Though this morning Beelzebub also paid me a visit.

It was a good morning


This mornings ritual was a little different I had a tea light candle in my bag so I lit it. I hadn’t been using candles when I do the rituals upstairs before work.

It seemed to help pull my focus. The four gatekeepers were ever present.
They told to not worry about moving forward, that they were with me. And I will be ok.

So. Now the ancient covenant. I will move forward.


I must move forward.



This morning’s ritual was interesting. The 4 gatekeepers appeared. And I felt more at ease. I sort of went into a rocking motion, and the ark was there. And they told me I could use it. That I could use its power.

They say I know how. That I just have to remember.

I think I disentigrated someone. But I’m not sure that even meant to, it was just happening.
Atleast that was what I saw in my vision.


This mornings ritual went mostly like the others except this morning along with the gatekeepers appearing I clearly saw my two angels. When I first started doing magick and deep meditations… There were two angels slightly behind me but one on each side. I even named them. I will have to go back through my old journals … I wrote down their names and what the names mean.

I guess I don’t always pay attention to them but they seem to always be there.

There was a moment this morning when it seemed as if I climbed into the ark.

They don’t look exactly like the picture but it is as close as I could find


It was interesting knowing they are on each side slightly behind me like they have always been.


This morning’s ritual was laid back. I think I might have fallen asleep :sweat_smile:

But I remember the gatekeepers and my angels … And the swords.

I remember rocking back and forth and at one point I thought I might levitate.

It’s been a long very busy day. But these morning Rituals seem to give me something extra for the day.


This mornings ritual was a little different instead of my usual music I used this.

I really like the small change up. The gatekeepers and my angels were there. It felt like there was magick in the air.

It was a nice peaceful ritual.

I also touched several people.


This morning I woke to find myself in a small circular pool and someone was trying to rape me. Force me to do something against my will.

It was a fight. He said you have to do what I command. And I said, no I do not. I don’t have to do anything.

He said, yes, you do. You have to do what I command. And i said no I dont.

And he asked me why. And said, because I’m more powerful than you.

And , he said but I’m the magician. And you have to as we command. And I remembered I hadn’t done my morning ritual yet.

So I went into ritual space and my angels and my gatekeepers were there. And the angels pulled me out of the water .

I looked at him and said, well maybe it’s time the gods fight back. I refuse to be raped or forced to do anything against my will or anything I haven’t gave my concent to do.

And rape really isn’t the way to get what you want. And don’t ever spit in my face again.

The gatekeepers surrounded the small pool. I’m not sure why were in water. I’m not afraid of water at all.

But the gatekeepers took up this stance surrounding the pool.

If you want my help. I would suggest finding away to ask that does not involve rape or force.

Then the ark appeared super bright and everything went white for a few moments. And I believe he went blind for a short time.

So that was this morning’s work.


My songs know what you did in the dark!

So light em up!

There’s a Revolution coming !!


Got my altar set up for the holidays

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This morning’s ritual went mostly like the others …
Except I started seeing a map. Not sure what its of or about yet.

So Azazel is still with me. Through ALL of this AZAZEL is the one still by my side :thinking: :heart:

Azazel didn’t bitch out! Like someone else, I used to know. Not even when they tried to force him to leave. And he’s still here.


Damn 5 years of waiting and watching and then



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so you evoke them every morning, what’s the purpose?