Any Aries ed out there? Have you guys find some tools that match your Signs to manager life in a productive way?


Being myself Aries i find Steel/Iron/Gold the most effective tools so far. I talk about charging jewelry to help in the focus process.


Gold? Intresting. Always felt attracted to silver but i ll try Gold 4 shoe


I can’t believe Aries and Libra are supposed to be each other’s relationship sign. You guys have just been mean to me x(

I’m dating an Aquarius now anyway but still.


I’ve noticed that stones such as bloodstone or colar increase my self-confidence and overall my typical aries character traits.
Occasionally I make invocations to Aries energy as in the case of evoking a normal spirit (Ares in this case) but I awaken these primary energies and influences of Mars in myself and make them my inner home of power. I use red candles and sigil (generally red candles are good for meditation) call the Aries and Mars (or Ares) and feel my inner Aries on my whole being.

“Father of War, Giver of strength and Power
The one whose flames burn the sands
I am a child of your blood, born of your might
Hear my call and awake within me, the Great Father
For I am you and you are me, united in harmony
I shall burn brightly in your red fire.”

I adore my flames.
I adore my power.
I adore my courage.
I adore my loyalty.
I adore my will.
I adore my aggression and rebelliousness .
I adore my being.

After the invocation I feel better as a whole person. I’m more self-confident, braver, healthier, safer and full of energy. I didn’t even feel tired for 2 days.
And that’s the sigil I sometimes use;


Love it :ok_hand:

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Awesome :muscle::muscle::muscle:

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I’m an Aries Sun. Aries is a CARDINAL FIRE sign. Fire is the power to create and destroy, associated with the WILL.


Very awesome! I work with Ares’ energy often. May I ask where you found such a fascinating sigil? It seems rather similar to the sign for Aries. Does it originate there?

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I randomly found this sigil in some Aries sections. In original it looks like this:

Author is the Wolf of Antimony I found, so u might search if u’re interested.
And I also made my own arian’s sigil to increase that specific energy ~