Arianna's Corona fighting journal

First, if anyone followed my old posts they would remember me talking of the fire I created with Set.

So, not long ago I used some of this fire to heal someone special to me. I know this fire has healing abilities.

Now what I did was push the fire in me through him. Using music to go into trance and seeing the white fire run through his veins and cleanse everything.

I also had roses on my altar that I used some petals from, I placed the name of the one I wanted to heal under a candle and lit the candle. I then placed the rose petals and rose quartz around the candle.

In a few days he was much better and back doing what he does. But I unintentionally pulled some of the yuck he was sick with into me, I got sick for about two days… Not out of commission sick but just enough to hinder me.

Now I didnt use petals from the all 12 roses that I had on my altar but all 12 roses died very quickly after the work.

The daisies on the opposite side of my altar did not die and were bought before the roses.

Sometimes a flower is just a flower and the best it can do for us is die. Even though they were beautiful roses and I hated that they died. It was necessary.

So, now I tackle trying to heal more than just one person. Is it even in me to do this? I discovered healing the one I did heal by shear accident but now I know that can be done.

I know that this fire has many purposes. And healing is a big one. I just have to work the kinks out and figure it out.

Tonight I will be trying the same procedure I used before for my dear friend. I dont know if it will work or not but I will do this and do this and do this until it does work.

If you have any flowers place them on your altar, I dont know why I’m asking this but it feels right and I work more on what my gut says do than what grimiores say to do.
Flowers, candles and healing intentions.

I can feel the fire trying to rise when it does it feels like liquid fire running through my veins and sometimes its painful. But sometimes pain is what is needed.

I’m not asking for any help but if you want to help me please do. Flowers, candles and rose quartz … With all the healing intentions you can pull from within.

I will work on this for as long as it takes.

Ari :rose:


also Azazel’s sigil with the current of Saturn to bring death to the virus could also be utilized. And Azazel, is on board for this.



Beautiful altar!


Thank you!


What the fuck was wrong with that post???

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I mean really no names were mentioned? I’m doing healing work in my own journal and community flags it??? Wtf??

Guess I stepped on some toes :joy:
Well good!!


No idea, beautiful. I’m pretty sure Eva will remove the flag though. It strikes me as quite unreasonable. Your post has no content that breaches any of the guidelines Eva posted regarding the virus. In my opinion, someone got flag happy or is just being a dick.


It was removed… I’m sure the just being a dick is the correct answer …

Though it amuses me that they put in the effort. To take down my post. Now I’m gonna work even harder.


Challenge Accepted!


Pay the detractors no mind, princess. Just do your thing :kissing_heart:


Right, cause I a virus to kill, a gate to open, and an empire to rise… :sweat_smile: when did I get so busy? :laughing:


Can confirm no problems with the post. :+1:


Thanks ! :smiley:




Ooo…I want one of those :heart_eyes:


Me too :joy:


Now I get to get up and go to work to make sure everyone can buy fucking toilet paper 🤦

If you haven’t done it, thank a grocery store worker, we are busting our asses out here, not only with triple the bussiness, but less employees and our work load is almost unbearable but we are the ones stocking shelves as fast as we can … Assisting customers and checking them out not to mention putting our own health at risk.

Our boss has starting buying the employees lunch and dinner and we all got raises as of yesterday. But it’s still hitting us hard.