Are you sure where you will end up after death

I was going through different occult literature and found two things.

1-if you worship/work with the demons, after death you will go there. If you work with your ancestors, after death you will go there, if you work with vedic god’s, after death you will go there. Basically which ever pantheon you work with the most, after death you will join then. And even if you are born again as a human to finish your spiritual endeavour, knowingly or not, you will become an instrument to further their current here.

2-God, gods, pantheons, demons need spirits under them ( like azazel and his 70 something legions) and those are not created out of thin air. Otherwise they would have trillions of legions, (and they seem to be quite proud of their numbers, read E. A’s conversation with azazel). I also learned that God/Ishwara/YHWH’s followers are sent back to restore righteousness, further his message, instead of getting complete merging / resting with the absolute. And that’s how most of the Avatars, son of God are born. Also read in jason Miller’s book that Hecate’s four watchtower spirits are bound by her to work thus. Note the word ‘bound’.

I think how it works is, more spiritual strength you have, higher post will be given to you by/within the pantheon. So, what is the way out. I don’t want to end up serving any entity . (unless I am given a very very high mighty post :laughing:) I am pretty sure this entities are helping us, not only for our good but also to further their own agendas (unless you have medieval christian mindset thinking everything resolves around you and your tiny earth). Any thoughts.


These entities largely don’t give a damn about you or the rest of the monkeys on this planet beyond a raw resource. You have to prove you are worth caring about and even then they will try to ensnare you to their future service or use even while giving you short term power and boons for your mortal life.

Set yourself up as a lord of your own right by your own power not theirs. You can bargain for knowledge to aid you on your way but the work and power must be your own until you can play by the same rules as they do.


The Way out is through Soul Travel

With it, you dont have to be subservient to anyone or any being after death. You go where the fuck you please


Im just gonna drop these here, while we can speculate on what happens and where the spirt goes the thing is no one knows for sure cause of the nature of death. As such spending to much time worrying about it will just wear ya out and not really assist in your ascent.:skull:


I actually had an idea before to create a godform and to feed it energy, from yourself and others, so that when you die you’ll have gathered more power than whatever you had at the time of death. I’m not sure if it’s a dumb idea or if there’s some fatal flaw, because nobody has mentioned it before.

Your theory of the afterlife is very similar to mine, though.


Yeah, I also read that soul travel is the answer. If you can exercise your will and discretion without the physical body ( physical body embodies this two qualities the most, without physical body it is quite hard to exercise will and discretion), you can get past this trap.

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We left out attachment to place keeping souls around here for one reason or another. Ancestral gaurdians sticking around and unhappy ghosts not leaving.

Where do I think I’ll go in the afterlife?

I’m hoping to go to Candyland but I’ll probably wander around in the woods blissfully for a time, look after a decendent or two, pull some ghost pranks, and when I get bored with that ill come back again . No biggie.


I don’t plan on dying so I don’t wax philosophical about it :sunglasses:


I like your attitude.


Well, let me know also the secret of immortality I am interested too. Hopefully it comes with eternal youth.

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Ahhh, I would take stuff like this seriously. You would be amazed to know from those who can soul travel how many souls/spirits are there in the astral realm wandering around having no clue how they are still existing after death and what to do from there. And starts to beg the traveler to somehow inform their family members that they are still there , stuck. Prevention is better than cure, you know.

I do. I seriously intend to stick around.

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Ok, got some new info on the subject. One goes to the realm/pantheon/entities after death with whom he worked with the most because.

1- one would automatically tend to follow something/someone known in an alien place. Just like in a foreign County someone lost would automatically gravitate towards people who speaks/looks like him. So, mastering soul travel, knowing other realms in advance would solve this problem.

2-if some entity benefits/helps you, then you are in debt to him which you have to repay at some time. The whole law of karma largely depends upon this concept, runabandha, meaning being bound by debt. And if not payed properly, those entities can bound you
, even by force after death to do their work as minions . ( this principle works other way also. If someone offers to some spirits to get something done, but doesn’t get the result, at some point of time the spirit has to help him in someway) .

So Offering daily / weekly to entities one works with or to all spirits one Is indebted to as repayment ( just announcing it verbally while offering) will do the job.

I’m fairly certain that I will make it to my astral fortress. I will arrive in the cave where I will spend a short time gathering my senses. I will then move out into the meadow where I will meet up with a few familiars and allies who know how to find me on their own. Next I will have to go through the forrest where I must face a few trials related to my fears, errors, and judgment of my ancestors.

Finally, I will arrive at my fortress and be greeted by my various other selves. We enjoy a bit of military decorum, but the fortress is a very peaceful place. We have an enemy spirit that occasionally attacks from the forrest, but that’s just to keep a bit of chaos around and make things feel real.

I love my fortress. If any entity has the power to bind an aspect of Zapdubious, they probably have the wisdom to know better.

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As I told, if one knows astral/soul travel then the first law doesn’t apply. By the way, how long did it take for you to master soul travel and also to build your fortress. And

It seems every religion has stuff like this. Can you explain a bit more about it. Where you got the knowledge about this, if it is universal for all or not, etc.

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Well, I guess it’s taken my whole life. I don’t think of myself as having mastered soul travel yet, but I take that as a major compliment :+1:

As far as building the fortress, time gets weird in the astral. It’s been there as long as I have been this iteration of myself, but I do have memories of building it. The “place” where it stands used to be a chaotic waste near a road that leads to some of the great astral cities built by various religions and cultures.

The trials many people face are a form of self judgment. We want to know that our lives have made us grow and evolve. We often have concepts that we want to uphold and want the chance to prove ourselves worthy in some way. We want to feel like we have made good use of the effort that nature and our ancestors put in to giving us our lives.

People don’t always have to be judged or face any ordeals, but it can help to solidify one’s identity if they don’t plan on returning to source or merging with greater spirits or generally changing form.

It is also possible to find the void. From there it is possible to create a new universe, but it starts out as a completely empty dream. Most minds would lose track of themselves without outer input.

I’ve sort of always known these things. What has surprised me recently is that lots of occultists know it too. I always kept my practice a secret and didn’t read much occult litrature. I did basic witchcraft in my late teens then spent twenty years keeping quiet and thinking a lot. I guess it worked :grin:

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