Are you kidding me

This is a bit of a silly one but still I feel I should look at it with an open mind. To preface this silliness a bit, I have been doing a bit of magic asking the spirits to please send some extra cash my way.

Now the night before last I had a short little but quite vivid and clear dream in which I happenes to be looking for change in my wallet, and hidden in a back compartment I found $100 bill that I knew for a fact I did not have before. I questioned myself on where it came from and concluded I must simply have forgotten about pulling an extra bill out of the back machine and then thought little if it. Of course I thought just as little of the whole matter when I woke up from that dream.

Last night though I had another short and vivid dream that I found an extra $50 on me. This time I concluded it had appeared out of nowhere, a real life something from nothing, lol. I was pleased with my success, making something just appear like that. I woke up quite surprised and baffled this time.

I can see this happening once. Just a silly dream. I would never give it a second thought. But twice in a row? This morning I actually said quickly to whoever might be listening “very funny guys. Finding money is great and all but it’s useless to me outside of waking life.”

Pardon coming in:) lol but it sounds like you where being given insight showing how much you could possibly gain. or perhaps the first time it was like okay where showing you that you can have this amount and then second time it was just lets entice and play with the mind either way it seems like what you asked for is coming your way :slight_smile:

Robert Bruce talked about doing what you did on Astral dynamics.

Im 6 days through my abundance money spell - got 600 quid wasnt expecting on Tuesday. Hardly abundance but nonetheless.


May I also highlight that if your looking to find money you should have a little dragon altar. When I used to walk or even if I still do Im always finding shiny things (from fake jewels) to pieces of gold earrings. I just put it in my dragon altar because they like shiny things. heres how to do it - get a wooden box put a picture of a dragon or carve etc etc. Walk around find some valuable things as offerings first - little pieces of gold or silver etc etc- a few coins. Then consecrate the box and over a lighted candle say -

Dragon spirit come in peace
Accept this space for you to sleep.
For every day I walk anew
The treasure I find I give to you,
To value, guard, collect and count
As these Valuables We find amount.
Show me, lead me as I walk abound,
and those things lost once more are found.

Repeat for 9 days.

Then make sure you go for walks everyday in busy areas, honestly you wont believe what you find.

Careful though dragons are greedy greedies, they are worse than crows for shiny things.

This might sound twee but seriously just give it a try. Make sure if you wanna cash in you tell your dragon, what your doing and why, else it might take you for a thief (dragons are crazy). When I did mine I SAW the baby dragon flying around my room it left me a sigil in the air in gold dust. I didnt write it down in time and I kind of forgot what it looked like, but in memory it was a little like the euro sign.


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Along the lines of what Bingo has posted, whenever you see a coin on the ground, even if it’s only a penny, pick it up. Silently or aloud, say a sincere thank you to the Multiverse. It puts you in a receptive mindset, and lets the Multiverse know you won’t turn your nose up at anything it offers. Like attracting like, so to speak. I find that when I regularly do this, at some point, I start finding bills on the ground. Sometimes only $1, but often enough, a $5, $10 and on rare occasion, $20 bill. Give it a try, it’s free.

I remember when I was 13 and in English class we had a theme given to us each week and we had to write a poem about that theme and add it to a poetry book to be turned it towards the end of the year for major grade points. The theme was money one time so I wrote a poem called:

The Superfluously Superstitious Penny

See a penny pick it up
if it’s heads you’ll have good luck
if it’s tails your luck will fail
so it leave there for someone else

LOL. Got an A+ on that poem by the way but the current direction of this topic reminded me of that. At the time I was not trying to write a spell as my spells were more formal than that in 7th grade but it was odd because I found a penny later that evening on the floor, heads side up. Next day we had an assembly and I saw a $10 bill drop from my friend’s pocket onto the floor so I made sure she wasn’t looking and picked it up. She owed me $6 anyway because I previously loaned her some money on a class field trip so she could eat at Taco Bell with the rest of us and she was avoiding paying me back so I considered the extra $4 as interest.

Two days later we went to the mall and I saw $600 folded up on the ground but my dad saw me pick it up so him being a preacher and all he made me turn it into the mall office. I was like dad, the rent-a-cops in that office are going to steal it because they only make like $5.00 an hour working here and no one is going to accuse the security guards of stealing so it’s a win-win for them. I was pissed, I wanted that money!

My dad said, we’re not taking that money that’s dishonest. I said, how is it dishonest it’s not like that was a wallet laying on the ground, it was loose cash and you’re going to give it to the mall security guards so they can steal it because you know when cash turns up missing at a mall it’s always conveniently never found by the owner again. But he said, someone may have needed that money and I was like yeah, someone who has $600 on them but not enough sense to hang onto it tight enough really needs it don’t they? And he said we are turning it in and if the guard steals it then the lord will deal with them properly. I said yeah, the lord will deal with them all the way to the bank.

But then later that day I was in the bathroom and I found $67 dollars in there laying on the counter next to a set of car keys and I knew if I didn’t take it the next person to use the bathroom would have taken it. Or we could always turn it into the guard again and make his day even more special this evening. But I thought it was odd that after writing that poem and doing the penny thing, money just kept popping up all over town so I wrote that one down in my BOS.

Just for shits n’ giggles I repeated that a few more times throughout my life. Forgot all about that until just now but last time I recited it was back in 2006 and I found a $50 bill on the ground at my work place. My managers were lazy potheads that never did a thing so they were in the back room smoking cigs and talking on their cell phones while getting paid a manager’s salary to do it, so I picked up the bill because no one was around to see me do it.

It was in the wrong area of the store to have come from the register but if by chance the drawer would’ve come up short later on I would’ve slipped it in the bottom of the drawer and made it seem like it was overlooked because I wouldn’t have taken it if I found out it belonged to the company but I knew that if I would’ve went ahead and put it in the register and later discovered it didn’t come from there, the managers would’ve kept it and split it when they realized the drawer was over by an extra $50 because it would be obvious that money was not from that days sales totals. So they would’ve either pocketed it or just left it in the register and the company would’ve made an extra $50 for nothing.

But I needed that money at the time and I was underpaid whereas the company was owned by a millionaire so I saw no reason to further line his pockets for free when I was the one doing all the work around there and getting paid jack squat for it. So I considered that an anonymous donation to the Helping Raven charity that week. :wink: Dragon magick can be useful but be careful offering up a bunch of goodies to them. They are more than eager to take your gold and treasures as offerings but the wrong dragon could easily see it as okay to start taking your belongings and loose coins, even those you never gave those up as offerings.


[quote=“RavensAscent, post:7, topic:6471”]The Superfluously Superstitious Penny

See a penny pick it up
if it’s heads you’ll have good luck
if it’s tails your luck will fail
so it leave there for someone else[/quote]

That takes me back!!

The version I was taught was,

See a penny, pick it up
All that day you’ll have good luck.
Give that penny to a friend
And your luck will never end.

People in my family would carry “lucky pennies” they found on a holiday or some other auspicious occasion, there was less emphasis on heads-up or tails-up though.

You could pick up confetti from a wedding but never, EVER, flowers found in the street, just in case they fell from a funeral cortège!

Another one that was big in our family was itching palms - “Right to receive (money), left to leave.” And “money spiders” - a specific type of small spider that you had to move very carefully and definitely not ever hurt - and ladybirds, you should never hurt one, and if one lands on you that’s good luck too…

Crazy! :slight_smile:

Strange but, ever since this topic was started I have had money on the brain lately and thinking about making more money and the instant I forgot about money and focused my mind on something else, I got 7 orders on ebay in the last 2 days. Not too bad considering I don’t have a store I just list like 20 items in auction here or there. This happens a lot, my thoughts turning into accidental spells but thankfully it only happens when I’m thinking about good stuff.