Are You In My Diary?

I had a mishap with one of my digital systems for tracking stuff, so if I have said I’ll send you part 2 or 3 of my Core Shamanism tutorial, which was on that laptop, or if I’ve said I’ll do some minor magickal task for you when I next had time and then you didn’t hear back, please PM me when you see this with DIARY in the subject line, and I’ll get you sorted with the tut/plugged into my new calendar system.

I’ve been running 2 lives, one as a carer and one for my ordinary stuff, and things got a little crazy there over the last 3 - 4 months! Not least because having BALG/black magick related materials openly displayed would have raised questions for someone who wasn’t really going to be able to process the answers, and would have been absolutely horrified by it. :thinking:

Anyway I have a feeling a few things slipped through the cracks and my doc on this is now lost to the void, so please hit me up via PM with anything you were waiting to hear back on. :thumbsup: