Are you in control at all times?

I get aggressive thoughts that makes me want to act out on them, as if I’ve got no control over my mind and body… how do I prove and convince myself that I’m in control at all times during these situations?? The feelings that I get are very unpleasant and I can’t prevent them, so how do I deal with them?? (The thoughts and feelings that makes me feel I want to act upon it)

I don’t know if I’m in control of anything

But surely I know I’m in control of me. My body, yes. My mind, yes. My spirit…
My true self, yes, I should control that.

Magick is self control, but how vast are you really?


I should be in control as well. I’m automatically in control, but I keep getting paranoid that I might not be whenever the unpleasant feeling comes, it makes me feel vulnerable and I just want it sorted out by convincing myself that I am the master of myself, but sometimes I’m just not convinced enough…

When your vibration is low your ego restricts the flow of life force energy through your energy centers so you can be heavily driven by “lower impulses”


go study nlp (neurolinguistic programming). you’ll learn about emotional management skill. choosing to act instead of reacting base on feelings.


Mindful meditation makes you aware of your thoughts but not act on them, it helps you acknowledge these thoughts and to some degree give you a level of control on these thoughts atleast on a decent level. However, there’s always going to be thoughts you cant really control below the surface aware or unaware of.

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I have had panic attacks the last few days.

Yes and no.
Do i have destructive thoughts at time yes. Everyone does at some point the point is not to repress them so much as find a constructive outlet.

Meditation and energy work can help build up the mental fortitude to actively channel these impulses.
For me i express them in my staff work and in my practice. You’d be surprised how much constructive work you can pull off in the life experience through destruction of that which hinders you.

Healing for example can be seen through this concept can be seen as either repairing that which had been damaged through an infliction or killing that which is causing said ailment.

In my experience taking action is the best remedy for this. As i said above ideally constructive action even if you are utilizing destructive or transformative forces.

Transformation by its very nature has destruction as an intrinsic part of the process since that which is must be razed to make way for that which you desire. This is why for example working with deities such as ganesha or shiva can appear to manifest havoc in ones life it it turns calm into an apparent storm. Because it is necessary to shake things up as the impetus for change.

A similar vein can be follow for forces involved in mental or emotional healing. Like physical therapy to regain strength of the body a similar process happens on emotional and mental levels and they are just a fun :skull: