Are you going ¨Crazy¨?

This is a post im making for all those new magicians as well as anyone else who has had a similar experience.

I found I went most crazy a few months ago in December, I had gotten really aggressive as a beginner and started channeling deities and petitioning them for BIG HUGE spiritual changes. I had become these entities and was acting very differently than normal, I was smoking weed daily, staying up super late, and flirting with a guy had just moved my relationship with my current gf into an open one. What resulted was a manic break followed by 5 days in a holding cell (which was actually a fat few lifetimes) after being arrested for fighting a man who I had never met for no apparent reason. My two best friends being my gf and (kinda) bf, flirted when I was in jail and while I was out I got super upset and cut both of them off (temporarily). I felt betrayed and most of all I knew nothing about myself or my life in the flash of two days I went from the top of the world to hell. Utter agony and pain. I lost who I was and was rejected by my former life and what I was previously.

First I just wanted to say you are probably not clinically insane, most of those people who are, are locked in a hospital or wreaking havoc on the world. Crazy is also just a label people use to describe chaos, chaos is the closest thing to ¨crazy¨, pure destructive energy.
Think of a tornado or hurricane as natural chaos.

So when someone says ¨I got into black magick and I swear im going crazy!¨ What they really mean is; there is too much energy within my brain and reality and its negatively affecting my ability to do tasks that were formerly easy.

This is quite common amongst occult circles and normal people alike (most ¨normal¨ people aren’t sensitive enough to these energies to know).

Im going to give a few options use the one that seems to fit your situation and goals the best.

  1. Take a break from magick and the occult.
    This is probably the easiest way to let the energies simmer down so to speak, by stopping your intnetion magickal rituals and turn off your magickal mind for a bit. Some may say, ¨bUt YoU CaNT StOp mAGiCk It´s EveRythInG!¨ Which, to a degree is partially true, but what you can do to remedy this is to set the intention to reduce magickal energies as well as stopping your practice.
    This will greatly reduce your magickal output for your current timeline until you are ready to jump back in.

  2. Banish, Banish, Banish.
    This one is pretty straight forward, do a banishing or cleansing ritual to reset your home, altar, and mind. This will center you for your future magick endeavors.

  3. Ground Yourself
    Get some negative Ions in you by going outside some good places to ground are in grass (barefoot), the beach, and the mountains. Just being around plants in general will also give you positive effects. Also, eating ¨earthbound¨ food energies will help, this is things like roots, potatoes, and heavy meats.

  4. Go MAD!
    Nope, you read that right go completely MAD and crazy, sometimes when chaos enters our lives it can be a good thing, chaos makes room for new bigger and better energies and experiences so take the chaos head on and plunge into it, accept it and dance with the primordial energy.
    This is an aggressive tactic so expect some aggressive backlash if you do this (IE know your limits and dont break them or if you choose to break them know they may come back to break you)
    Sensory deprivation and drugs are REALLY good for adding a good mix of chaos into your life. Some more than others…weed is gonna be different then meth, and dark showers will be different then a soundproof room in complete darkness. The name of the game here is doing weird and abnormal things you´d never do, thus changing your most probable futures into something else.

  5. Set Order to the Chaos or tip the scale
    In this method you will be working with opposing forces in order to balance yourself out or to set order to the chaos.
    Example: I practice lots of infernal, dark magick with demons and other dark beings, in order to counteract this I would work with lots of divine and angelic forces to lighten the darker aspects of whom I´ve become. Sometimes this can be as easy as changing the face of the god or deity you work with.
    Example: (light) Lucifer the Lightbearer -> (darker) Lucifuge or Amaymon
    This can also come in the form of utilizing the new opportunity you´ve been given.
    Example: I lost my Job, gf and binge eat (CHAOS) -> Look for new job opportunities, new partner, and get on a diet.
    Direct the change in your life to where you wanna go, be the captain on the ship in the storm, not the man falling overboard due to the waves.


Great advice. Things can get pretty messed up when a human brain loads up on black magick.

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Uggggh drugs and chao yessss! I miss it so much. This sober shit is getting fucking boring.


LMAO, retweet one million times over bruh.

Im going to set up my order to allow plenty of drugs just gotta figure out how!


@Titan.M you could always order some etizolam online. Legal and quite euphoric. Relatively cheap too. Or if your in oregon you could always pm me :wink:

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"No, crazy is walking down the street with half a cantaloupe on your head, muttering “I’m a hamster, I’m a hamster. that’s crazy” - Agent Dick Steele ( SpyHard 1996 )

Just kidding. Great advice and good post. Totally agree with you :+1:


Think i should probably banish, cleanse, and start a new project. I have a few sigils ive kept open for a while, they’ve manifested so much energy over i think the last 2 months or so, shits getting a bit chaotic as fuck (my psyche anyways). I was near 2 seperate car accidents today. Yesturday a big tree in the woods fell while i was doing my meditation. there has been super dark energy breathing down my spine giving me a little anxiety. Last few days have been getting stranger.

I was going to banish a while ago but ive grown attached. Definately due for a cleansing i think. Out with the old, in with the new. Thanks for the post bud, very helpful.