Are we incarnated with special abilities?

I talked with spirits putting everything in place so I would be able to deal with life’s experiences Given the ability Emotional strength mental strength by spirits before my incarnation? As a way to handle to live is that what that is? Everyone is given certain abilities so one can survive on planet earth? They are given those abilities before they are born? I have High emotional strength and mental strength Able to withstand Experiences that should arise powerful emotional response but don’t unless I’m angry to the point of body and mind becoming absorbed in stress to the point of crying involuntary crying.
Just wanting an answer did I get strong emotional strength mental strength from spirit before I was incarnated
Is that a thing?


Everyone has their different strengths and weaknesses, and through observation and experience I’ve noticed that yes some incarnate with more “abilities” (clair- senses, etc) then others. Most likely due to already have developed them/etc.