Are we in the end times?(Generation A, A.I, Transhumanism)

Hello, often I hear that the human society will end itself and that the general Iq of the population is declining.Since I have watched a video about “Generation A” by a youtuber whose name I cannot recall anymore I became more and more depressed. I went down a rabbithole of science articles,books about transhumanism (etc.) and videos which told me that we do not have free will, we are determined by our genes, we have no conciousness, our world will end because of lust driven stupid children which have a low iq and only sit infront of the computer, AI will replace occultism,religion,philosophy,psychology and all the things which matter for the human psyche. I do not know whom I can trust anymore, the optimists, the pessimists, who is who? I am very desparate. I am actually someone who loves philosophy and I have read Schopenhauer,Hegel,Kastrup,Nagel…but I just loose the hope in humanity more and more and sometimes I am happy that I will not experience the downfall of the earth anymore.But I believe in reincarnation and do not want that this suffering goes on and on. I hope someone can help me answering all these questions.
Greetings, Lonelyseeker


What has this got to do with practical magick?

This reminds me of that old joke:

Dude: Doctor, Doctor, it hurts when I raise my arm like this!
Doctor: Don’t do that then.

You need to protect your energy and be discerning about consuming shit that upsets you. Now you knw that this kind of content is bad for your mental-emotional wellbeing, don’t watch this crap. It does nothing for you, doesn’t achieve anything and serves you no good.

I completely 100% wholeheartedly disagree, personally, and I give ZERO shits what some rando doomer youtube thinks… I thumbs down on those videos and believe what I feel is right. Rely on yourself and what works for you. This doesn’t work for you so don’t think it.

Why do you care what someone you never met and don’t know thinks anyway? They don’t matter. You family, your friends, those who are there for you matter, not him.

I went down a rabbithole of … [list of sould destroying doomer bullshit ]

OMFG! :roll_eyes: :joy:

It’s being so cheerful keeps you going!! [/sarcasm font]

Also stop listening to pessimists, the black-pilled and doomers, they’re a sucking sore on society and waste of your energy. You can’t help them and you don’t want to get infected with that negativity, it’s highly parasitic.

I’ll tell you - not doomers for starters, they’re a meme for a reason - but YOU, you can trust yourself. You’re the only person you really can rely on through the thick and the thin. be responsible for yourself, go within, find yourself, KNOW yourself: it’s the first law of hermetics. These people are disconnected form their spirit and don’t know anything, they’re just stuck in a spiral of fear, their hormones are fucked up and they’re poisoning everyone around them with this consuming fear based nonsense. Stop letting them get to you.

Doesn’t matter, they are themselves and they’re allowed to believe what they want. The question is, why do you need someone else to tell you what to think? (You don’t.) Nobody has the truth, it’s ALL just OPINION, that’s the nature of being human, so make your own that works for your best life.

Then work on your enlightenment, for example by working to raise your kundalini.

Also, please banish and cleanse, this bad energy is parasitic and damaging, and you may have been infected by these people’s inner monsters, get rid of them and come back to yourself. Shut all that off and down and be with you, get out into nature and heal. You’ll feel a lot better and it will make it easier for you to find your own heart and your own opinions.


It’s better for your mental health if you stop reading about such topics. Especially if they’re making you more depressed than you already are. Instead you should focus on yourself.

If you haven’t already you should look into learning a exercise routine, I personally recommend George Hackenschmidt’s book “The Way to Live” because he teaches a simple set of exercises that uses your body weight to build a solid foundation for weightlifting. I’ve exercised this way for months and it’s helped my mental health tremendously.

If you’re prone to worrying and anxiety you should also look into some form of breath work. A simple one you can practice is the four-fold breath where you inhale for a count of four and hold the breath for a count of four. Then you exhale for a count of four and hold with empty lungs for a count of four. And repeat. Don’t over do it though.

Learning how to relax physically is invaluable in life and in magic as well, because not only does your mind affect your body, your body also affects your mind. You can practice this by laying in your bed, and you just let go of the tension in your body. To get a feel for this you can tense your muscles and relax them, and pay attention to how it feels to relax your muscles after tensing them. Then you remember this feeling and apply it from the top of your body to the bottom. Slowly relaxing your entire body. You should feel yourself turning into mush in a good way! To check if you’re properly relaxed have someone (or yourself) pick up your arm, and when your arm is dropped it should fall back down with no resistance. And if doesn’t just keep at it! After you’re completely relaxed just stay like that for however long you want.

As Mulberry suggested you should banish and cleanse your space, because in magic what you constantly think about is what you attract. So if you’re reading all of these doomer topics then of course you’re going to feel like crap.



  1. The world is going to Hell.
  2. While that happens, the Ars Goetia will become more powerful.
  4. Instead of whining about it, ENJOY Life! You only have one.
  5. BECOME POWERFUL!! Powerful enough to create your reality!

Amen! (oops)

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Rest assured we all definitely have free Will. & even the angels.I have to agree that this generation of kids is kinda spoiled & entitled, born with having internet & cell phones, video games & addicted to that. But not true that they all are hopeless with a low I.Q. . There’s this one specific guy who did some books on Transhumanism that this made me think of, & has said many interesting, yet Sinister things about it, like humans undergoing procedures where they will become faster, stronger, don’t need as much sleep ( similar to robots) like the people with powers in all these Marvel & super hero movies. And that’s why some think Hellywood is coming out with so many of these movies lately. To promote this. & some think they will even make it so humans can do something to be immortal in the future. And that this group of transhuman people will be part of Satan’s end time army

the end of the old world and the BEGINNING of a new world, a world of magic and chaos

I’m excited about it

I completely disagree with stuffing your head in the dirt is the easy way out. Consume information slowly and/or what topic interesting for you at the moment.

Shit is going on. Our birth rates are falling for a number of reasons. Pretending our current complete consuming of the planet’s resources isn’t going to lead to nothing but utter shit show?

Also, counter balance it with learning about positive topics as well.

I am a transhumanist. I do not fear technology. Vertical farming for example is already fulfilling the needs of feeding urban based people.

People rightly predicted the coming of free radio in the 1920’s would crash the record business, it did but not forever. That’s how it works.

You have to look at the worst to have a complete and through understanding of the whole picture. That’s how magic works. Death is natural and not evil. But people rather ignore it instead of embracing the harshest of facts about reality.

You have to find your deepest wells of inner strength. Breathe. Relax. Smell the roses. Enjoy what you can.

It’s the 3d sides of lives well lived.

Ya mean like the age of Aquarius or something?