Are we egregores

is the soul an egregore,an artificially created being like other magickal beings or eternal consciousness + the combination of elements?

How have you released self doubt?

How do you define the soul properly?


That depends on how you define an egregore. For one, you’re making a distinction between an egregore and eternal conciousness, I’ve created an egregore that has an individuality and personality of its own, does that mean it has conciousness? The human soul can’t really be defined “properly” because no two people will fully agree on a set definition, from my experience it’s closer to the latter statement, an eternal conciousness/Manifestation of the eternal (source energy). As for elements, everything is made up of elements in one way or another and the soul is no exception.
Also if the soul was an egregore that would imply that something of higher power/conciousness would have created it, which I personally don’t believe.

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Not everyone is an Egregore. But such people do have “connections” to egregores. An egregoric soul is alot more rare.

The creation of a soul is a complex endeavor, because part of the process is that it must be naturally raised in a Society, meaning context of environment. This can be used in the analogy also of farm raised animals…i.e. animals kept locked in Pens vs those who freely roam and graze or hunt. For example…Wild Alaskan King Salmon is healthier and tastier vs farm raised fish. In relation to human beings, thats like a Restrictive Society (Religious/Communist/Dictatorship) vs a Free and Evolving Healthy Society…the Former producing weaker low quality people vs the Latter producing Strong Healthy People (Omnivores getting all their Nutrients).

So why do we want to be born into restrictions weaknesses and traumas?

I will give an example.

Regular Soul (Tulpa) - has an individuality…is restricted or limited from other ways, but has evolved or rather “Specialized” its own way. It is a unique human entity. This can of course only be achieved like I said through the natural selection process where one grows naturally within certain environments.

Egregore - less restricted…this is more rare because it is like many Souls making up one larger group soul. They are less individual and rather are more like Archetypes…i.e. Celebrities such as movie stars, high profile actors, politicians and Senators.

As you can see not everyone can have an Egregoric Soul as it would not make sense in accordance with the physics of this world which manifests as what we know of as a Heirarchy, the Spiritual Egregore mirrors the Physical World. So if you have a connection to an egregore or as some people call their “God,” you will receive many things such as inspirations, ideas, emotions… some of which you think are your own, but can only be found within the one embodying the avataric physical form on earth. A regular soul attached to an egregore is defined as a “Part.” The actual Egregoric Soul is the Sum and Synthesis of all parts and Something more making it a unique entity seperate from all other parts.

Making an egregore is no small task where it is just a compilation of Minds and Data forming a Soul Entity. An egregore soul itself is a unique being amongst even the sum of regular souls…i.e. as not everyone can be an egregore am example in the physical world woukd be like everyone being a politician or billionaire or the president of the united states…etc. it eould essentially be chaos in the not so good sense. In the magickal sense, if everyone was an Egregoric Soul this would manifest as everyone being ONE which is the same thing as Christianity. So in a senze there is something to be valued for being unique, smaller restricted in an evolving way as an individual.

This is such a wonderful topic/question that you’ve raised @astralreek. I will definitely be thinking about this quite a bit now.