Are We Able To Block Users On This Forum?

How do I go about blocking a particular user of this forum, or at very least stop them from PMing me?

I’m not sure about what it will achieve on this site, however…

Go to the top toolbar and select Profile. Scroll over “Modify Profile” and a new list should pop-up. Scroll over the bottom one (“Buddies/Ignore List”) then select “Edit Ignore List.” Add the members name and see if it works.

[I presume it should do something, quoting “Adding members to these lists will, amongst other things, help control mail and PM traffic, depending on your preferences.”]

Or PM a global moderator about it. If that individual is breaking the rules they will get banned for it.

Yes - if someone’s messaging you, if you’ve told them ONCE very clearly to stop and they fail to do so, then please report it to a global moderator.

Moderators on here can’t view PMs sent between members, so we can only act on something if you let us know, and quoting the offending message/s to us helps us to process things more quickly.

The forum moderators are GOZER, Claidheam and Lady Eva.