Are twin-flames human only?

I have seen many threads in which people tell their stories and experiences with creatures such as succubus and from the way they describe those experiences, it seems like they have found “the one”.

Thinking about that I thought: Could other creatures be twin-flames or are twin-flames restricted to be human only?

If twin-flames are human only, why people would seek specifically a love-relationship from other creatures rather than seeking their twin-flame?


People confuse soulmates with flames waaaay too much.


No, I meant exactly twin-flames.

Correct me if I am wrong but from my understanding soul mates are more common and are people that are akin to you (family, close friends and so on) whereas the twin-flame is basically the concept of Greek mythology related to humans that were split in two.

So my question is basically: Are twin-flames, “our other half” always only human or they can happen to be non-human as well?

Isn’t that sort of what the higher self is? Imagine if it’s a bit like the Jet Li movie “THE ONE” but instead the higher self is fractured over countless universes and when they die the merge with higher self again. So what might be twin flame is really just another fragment. Universes seeded by the true self. The fragments seek different paths of ascended growth to reunify. Some seeds aren’t so great and might be construed as BAD or unusable but alas, that’s be where the HS is wrong.

I hear it all the time that people feel they need to go back to the source (be it this all encompassing love/understanding or god, heaven etc).

Hell, it could be that when fully combined higher selves mate with their created soulmates that both then are supernaturally impregnated and then explode seeding countless universes with themselves and each universe has one of each seed. Then death and combining again in this endless cycle of a type of reincarnation. Maybe that’s why it’s discouraged for angels to mate as the same thing happens. It’s a theory anyways of life, death, soulmates, multiverse, reincarnation, heaven, hell perceptions and more.

I have to construct such thought based on the template of life and how living organisms and the physical atomic matter of elements and charges and wave frequencies are.


  1. Not everyone has a twin flame
  2. Most people won’t find their twin flame in this or many other lifetimes. No it’s not that hot chick you had as your first gf in school and you both fell in love so deeply.
  3. Even if you find that twin flame chances are you will never be together. One will always run away from the other.
  4. Your twin flame could totally be a person of the same gender and happens both of you are heterosexual.

Does this answer your questions?

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everyone has a soulmate n a twin flame twin flames are like this you meet n you just know but they come n go they will love you one moment n hate you the next n always run from you ive been thru it n it sucks
i dont think a soul mate tho is jst between humans i find that furfur could be mine but i want my human mate to i think ive become very greedy since starting the lhp

Some people disagree we even have a twin flame and others suggest not everyone does. My answer is based on what I know and have been shown so make your own judgement as always.

A twin flame is theoretically the other half of your being. Both halves ascend separately and most times or lives you will not come across that person. If and when you do, the stars have to align just right and you both are on the threshold of spiritual breakthrough as one. This can take many many lifetimes to reach - as I said, most lives you will not come across this person.

The twin flames mirror each other and push each other to face themselves and grow. It can be seen as harsh and requires extra care as it’s not a typical relationship. It’s not an average person and that point should not be overlooked.

That said, it’s still a human relationship and toxicity shouldn’t be tolerated. There is a NEED to push each other for the greater good because essentially this is a part of yourself. It can be very trying. There is always a runner and a chaser and from my understanding both are equally tortured in their own way. It takes two stubborn and strong people to make this work, both actively on the path to ascension.

I don’t see how this could have any potential with a spirit or animal or what have you. Part of the twin flame dynamic is romantic and deals with human emotion so I think it would be counterproductive if it were anything else.

Just my thoughts