Are they my godforms?

Last night i did meditation to Azazel. I asked guide to discover my godform. I got two visions. First was fiery bird like phoenix, only covered with black flame. And second was a creature wore silver/greyish cloak. Its face pale white or pale grey, narrow eyes, when it opened its mouth it showed canine teeth. At that time, its expression seemed furious, but its manner seemed so tranquil, it even didn’t move single inch, except its mouth.

is it possible having two godforms?
and, could anyone scan more those two creatures, such their energy, origin, race, etc???
i’d also like to hear your experince about discovering your godforms…

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This one sounds like a totem animal to me.

This sounds like a Spirit guide.

I think Godforms have more than one aspect to them.

Your first one seems exactly as you described it. Perhaps you could also astrally shift into it. The second one is a bit scary but reminds me of the oracles in Clash of the Titans. Maybe your God form has something to do with prophecy.

I’m no expert so I’ll go by what I feel. My God form rules over rain yet also the Sun. Minor War God aspect and a deep connection to Forests. Also a very feline like energy kinda like a werecat

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Your “godform” is you as your truest, strongest self. There are many pathways that lead to this…but explaining it beyond that is something I will simply do by using a term people here used to say to me often “use the search function”


It reminds me long ago i had a dream i was coiled by serpent, and to fight the serpent i transformed into great bird… it was just a dream, or maybe not?

Woh, i checked in google and found out the similiarities almost 90%.

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That sounds pretty cool…

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My godform primarily rules mysteries and forgotten knowledge. Fun.


You folks might have better luck if you use the search function on This site…just sayin…

Happens to actually be a pretty huge comprehensive database of a whole whole lot of shit. If you don’t know what to search for, at least you’ll get to practice intuition.

Maybe it was a vision?

He/She must be so wise…

None more so than yours.

I have red some threads about Godform in this site severel days before i did my own ritual to find my godform. I randomly chose the most resonate…

I do listen my intuition and my Spirit Guide, but i’d like also to hear from fellow witches/magicians that have walked the path before me… It’s just nice to have good conversation and exchange knowledges…

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IDK. I’m sure i need to ask my Spirit Guide, Patron, and Mentor to give me clear sign.
Actually im a bit skeptical to myself if it is about something new that i learn or practice. That’s my big big issue lol…