Are they any types of rituals you can do without a ritual circle

I’m new to Demonolatry and Magick. 'm looking to get a ritual circle sheet soon. Can I burn Sigils or make offerings without one?

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All of them


Yes, there are.


Demonolatry is more of a religious approach if I am not mistaken than most of us here take on the forum.

As far as works than can be done without a circle- anything that says you need a circle can be done safely without, if you know how to banish- particular not only on this plane but on others. However it’s not really just to keep you safe, but rather for the magical mindset and to give you place for the energy to concentrate and build up, making it more likely to have an experience that is more than wow was that al my imagination…

I’ve never once used a circle, though I did make one on a blanket a few months back thinking I’d try it.

I’ll shit up now, cuz I see @DarkestKnight answering and his responses are always so much more eloquent, to the point and better explained.

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In terms of rituals like Kraigs Modern Magic, you can do everything except those which have you circle in the ritual itself, as that creates a circle. Even the evocation, that can even be done without a circle, though ill advised. I never used a circle except that through the LRP and LRH, which I am adamant about creating a container by the clockwise movement and creation of that circle. You can use a circle by tracing one in white light for example. The circle is generally the container. If you want to go by the book, you can make the elaborite circle.

Id do it with paint on a bedsheet. Or pieces of cardbard strewn together.

In demonolatry, which is a religion, most workings are not done in a circle at all because demonolators reject circles as being offensive to the demons they worship.

Generally, work is done in a cleared space with an altar dedicated to the demonic. This is the area in which you would open sigils, and make offerings.


I’ve used a circle before and mostly do without it. I step out my back door and the 15x10 space they call the porch and yard is rectangular. I cleanse the space and get down to business.

I usually use a circle if the system I’m working from calls for it. Once I know why it’s used in the system, I may keep it, but usually don’t. I’m doing the Lesser Pentagram ritual daily in my current path and it calls for visualizing a circle during that part of the process. So, I use it for that part and none of my regular rituals. I also expand the pentagrams and angels called to fill the rectangular space of my entire townhouse.

Connolly uses circles in some of her books, Complete Book of Demonolatry, for example. The circle does have a place, but the more important part, in my opinion, is that you’re balancing the elements in a chosen ritual space. This could be contested by those more ceremonial inclined, but Demonolatry has more the trappings of Ceremonial Magic than the full practice of it (again, my opinion). The mindset is different.