Are these sigils accurate

This sigils seems difficult to draw because there too many mixed symbols outside of the circle has anyone tried to work with them?

Do I need to draw those symbols outside of the circle?


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The outside characters are not all the same - they could be just to look pretty, but they could hold an intention from the author.

Does the author provide any information about the intentions or energy you should hold or how the sigils should be used? The intention is rather more important than the actual sigil shape itself. Without that these are just pretty fan art. It would be helpful to know what they are meant to to say, if anything.

Do you know who the author is? If you don’t, I would caution against touching them unless you already have put in decent work on your protections. I’ve seen sigil bombs that had some nasty intentions behind them, stolen and relabeled from a larp site and used for baneful purposes.
Better to be safe than sorry.


Pretty good advice here, and I agree with being careful- especially if you’re not positive where they came from or that the intention behind them was pure.

That being said I do find them intriguing, and may very well see what happens with them later tonight myself.

You don’t need to draw them at all. You can use them like they are as a photo on your phone, print them in black and white so it’s easier to focus on the images to open them or any number of things that is slightly less difficult than drawing out the sigil.

I’ve honestly taken to using my phone for single use similar, when I’m traveling, or when I otherwise can’t have it out in the open. I draw or print it- when I’m going to use it often- I.g. The planetary seals. I don’t incorporate them often into my workings, but I do enough to be worth keeping them around.

Being sigils/ veve a/verve/ seals i rarely use more than once or twice- I find that usually I just need to call when I want them again. I’m not sure if it always works this way, or if it’s just me. Once I’ve felt a being they seem to be easy to find again.

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