Are these gifts or not?

So I’ve been able to do certain things subconsciously, in no way can I really control it.
The first thing is abit hard to explain. I have dreams in which things will happen then later on they happen in the real world almost feels like Dejavu.
The second thing, If I really desire something I can influence the world and people around me without knowing I’m doing it and I end up with exactly what I want. This happens for things that I really need at that time. I almost always end up with exactly what I need or want.
Is this common? Or perhaps just in my head?


That is a gift, and I don’t think it’s common or there wouldn’t be so many unhappy and confused people in the world.

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I just wish I could control it.

No they’re not gifts, gifts mean they were given to you.

getting what you want or need is manifestation it’s a common practice, however, for some people it’s external entities making it happen, as an example my friend of mine has entities that help manifest what he wants or needs to make his life easier so he can better achieve his purpose, of course it might not be the case for you but I would not call them gifts.

they most likely can be controlled and worked on when you develop a better understanding of them.