Are there ways to do magick without candles, incense, or obvious alters?

I can’t have incense or candles because of smoke alarms and can’t have an obvious alter because my family is Christian.

Is there a way to do.effect magick without those things?

I’m sure there’s answers if I search but I was celebrating with family and am buzzed and don’t wanna search so… how do I do magick without an alter, candles or incense?

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building an astral temple and doing rituals there is one way I guess.

How would I do that?

I’m a semi-newb if that makes sense? Did magic years ago got possessed got unpossessed got scared off magick came back to it after maybe 20 years of trying to be what I’m not trying to be a good jebus crispy found I couldn’t and well am a bit restricted In what I can and can’t do and have no clue how to make an astral temple.

So how does one make an astral temple?

Look here:


@anon10524665 thanks i think I need to sleep off the celebration I’ll check it later. Well technically it’s more stress relief then celebration but either way (read S I’m afraid if I don’t uncork I’ll do something uncool for lack of a better way to say it ) I’ll probably get more out of your lrecommendation when I’m not so buzzed I’m having trouble paying attention.

So thanks I’ll check it when I’m less buzzed.

Btw how bad is it if your hand feel slightly tingly &hands numbish if you’re buzzed? Cuz I tend to aim for that as a stress release. If I didn’t stress relieve on occasion I’d be in a bad way, but I have a feeling it’s bad for me to do so nonetheless feel like if I don’t aim for that I’m gonna flip and do something uncool. (Like punch something )Dig?