Are there symptoms or signs that an evocation ritual is manifesting?

I had an evocation ritual done, summoning Lilith. I am wondering if there are any physical symptoms or any other type of signs that indicate that the evocation ritual is manifesting or “working”. Thanks.

You had the ritual done? I’m confused because evocation is normally calling the spirit to you, outside of you, so I’m not sure if you meant you did the ritual or you truly had it done for you?

What was it for? Signs of manifestation are going to vary by what you did the ritual for and what you asked Lilith to do for you, if anything.

If you’re asking what signs of is she hearing you, or actually there when you did the ritual it can very quite a bit, depending on your senses. Everything from a temperature change in the air, to tingles, to shivers, to weird flashes of light, shadows at the corners of your eyes, impressions of audio, visual etc, feeling energy, sudden and drastic change of emotions, smells without a source, sounds without a source, I’ve even heard a few mention weird tastes- all the way up to full blown images of someone being with you and or speaking to you.


I had it done for me and I asked Lilith to do something for me. What I meant is that signs that indeed Lilith will soon fulfill my desire. I heard that headaches extreme fatigue and nausea are signs that an evocation spell is going to be successful and manifest quickly. Is there anything else? Thank you.

Those are also signs of migraines and the flu. I trust those signs more for those afflictions than as a sign than an evocation is working.

You need to stop looking for signs and move on. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting in the way of the working.


Those are signs that someone was effected by energy- usually more than they can handle, not of anything manifestation wise. I’m not sure why anyone would have told you that. They could even be signs of a parasite, but still nothing to do with result manifestations.

I agree with Norse, you shouldn’t look for signs, it only delays the work and it’s going to vary by person, situation and request. If you get a sign that things are going your way, you will almost always know it 100%, in your gut.

Without knowing what the ritual was even for, we can’t even give you any possibilities of what signs might be, but they are not going to be the energetic issues you listed.


As a guy whit lit of expectations signs mean nothing dude, results does,. Is the best i can say.

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Well if the ritual was done by someone else, then I agree with what’s been said above - you have to wait for the results. This also applies if you question is in relation to the results manifesting, rather then the spirit manifesting physically.

However, as for signs of the spirit itself manifesting during an evocation, it can either be subtle or really noticeable. Which will largely depend on your senses/manifestation base.

My question is regarding the results manifesting, just to clarify. Thanks.