Are there any yhvh haters that would like to curse yhvh incarnate people?

send me a pm if there is someone like this here

Please don’t curse me
I might be a yhvh incarnate person

Why? They follow their own path and you follow yours?

I don’t work with him but yeah attacking all of his incarnated people just seems unnecessary.


No offense, but that seems like an awful lot of effort for something that likely won’t work.


Even if these people exist, it’s not their fault, damn. Who cares if they aren’t directly bothering you?


I have 2 people that are jewish and yhvh incarnate and they did horrible things to me

Given the large number of your posts asking for help cursing people or about the things that you’ve endured, it seems like you should consider doing something about it or stop asking for help.

Either way, you should consider some self-work to start working through the trauma you have experienced. It will be there, even after the curse has stopped or run its course.


I would like to state that Yehovah as a being does not acknowledge what some individuals do in his name, you can deal with these individuals personally, but, I’m pretty sure that if you’d ask YHVH if he’s cool with it, pretty sure he’ll say no. You can send these individuals Lucifer, if you wish, or Lilith. (Both have both light and dark aspects. Lucifer is a Seraph in his light side, related to Gevurah and extending into the tree of the qlippoth, together with Lilith, who is Eve (from Adam and Eve, as a living archetype you can call upon) You have the full right of self-defence against any form of enslavement or oppression. The dark side when worked with in a self-empowering way is about self-respect, self-recognition and self-honoring.


Your post could go against the rules since it’s targeting a specific group of people, and there are lots of rhp people who follow yawheh on here. Just be mindful of what you’re asking with regards to community guidelines.



And instead of punishing those two you choose to punish all the others, too? So if a blonde guy hurt me, I’m going to punish all blode guys out there, just because they share this one trait?


Friendly reminder that moralising is against the rules.

No individuals are named so as far as I know the OP is not breaking any rules.
However, “all people incarnate into xtian households that also adopted the dogma into thier hearts” would necessarily include children, and that has been a problem on here before. @Lady_Eva


Fuck no.

It’s okay as far as the rules go so far, but looks like a bit of a mess and it’s unclear whether OP wants to target all those people, or just the two who are making the OP unhappy.