Are there any spirits and/or rituals that can help me with motivation?

I am having a very difficult time starting a long tedious project that ive been needing to start for a while now. It is starting to really mess with me and weigh down on my spirit. I simply have no motivation to begin. What rituals, spirits, or anything else can I use to get me to begin my project with an excitement that will last?


I can’t offer advice on which spirit to contact, though I can offer some advice on what they will want to see from you before they help…and that is they will want to know why you are bothering with something so long and tedious (when your time in this body is so very finite).

Also, have you considered flipping the question around a bit? Rather than asking for “motivation”, perhaps ask for opportunities to remove as much of the burden from yourself as possible? i.e., through people assisting you, the right information “just appearing” at the right time…

Perhaps a servitor could help too?

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I agree with you a servitor could help. :+1:

Vehuiah, one of the 72 Angels of the Sehmhamforash.

According to Damon Brand’s book 72 Angels of Magick, he has the power to help “carry out a difficult task.”

There is also Omael, who has the power to give “Willpower in the Face of Adversity.”

Hachashiah, who can give you “The Power to Handle Complex Projects.”

Mumiah who has the power to “See A Project Through To Completion.”

Also, Sandalphon has the “Power to Find Motivation When Overwhelmed.”