Are there any occult meetings in one's state?

Is there any information about occult meetings where members reside? This would be a great tool for team working and sharing various rituals that are affective.

Check or even craigslist for your local groups and meetings. Maybe you’ll have better luck in your area.

Try That site is for those who practice the occult and you can search by your state and find local covens, magician meet up groups, metaphysical classes, and new age stores in your areas, as well as local events like metaphysical fairs, etc. My area even has people who list their online magick supply stores but all listings have to be approved before submitted to the site so it eliminates people cluttering up the site with non-sense, unrelated advertisements and scams, which is something you will see often on craigslist.

Give it a look, you may or may not find something useful in your area. You can even find local Satanic or Wiccan high priests and priestesses.