Are there any Demons/Spirits that disregard "Free Will"?

Are there any Demons thats don’t respect persons Free will?

Define “free will”.

Might help you get some more information / answers :+1:


Yes, even among the goetia depending on who you are they don’t give a shit about your free will or infringing on it.

The idea that the goetia push people to “recognize their own sovereignty” is fairly LHP romanticized gargle. Even Judeo angels will do so if they feel it necessary.

Many Gods will do the same as well not just demons, angels, and so forth.

Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work with them just mean with any entity or human being caution of what you get into.


Bro, ever had an angel fuck with you just for the sake of it

Yes, Michael


That was due to past life reasons yes?

Nah the past life stuff was a different situation


I see, so he just fucked with you just because? Wow, I don’t want someone like Michael on my bad side lol, but you resolved your issues yeah? I love Michael lol

I fought back. But yes it’s resolved quite a while ago


Dude that’s interesting, must not have been an easy fight, Michael is a damn warrior

Eh it was so/so.


your free will or someone else’s free will? :wink:

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Both, we (this forum) regularly ask the goetia and other spirits to go against someone else’s free will.


I don’t, lol

I wasn’t saying you do, neither do I. By “we” I meant the Forum. It’s popular here.

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In the sense of Love… Bringing some one back in your life against their will .

Advice, don’t do it.
Yeah, I know all powerful magician I can have whatever I want, but there is always a so called “downside” to those desires, and you have to acknowledge you don’t really just want one thing.

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Free Will is a spook that would be between Determinism and Indetermism if it existed. Are there demons that don’t respect will? Yes!

There are many humans who also disregard free will, but it’s all up to each individual how they handle it. We all do it to others as well, often without even noticing. I find that being conscious of our own actions toward others makes it easier to recognize and avoid being victims when our own free will is violated.

There have also been times where spirits went against what I asked them to do, but it ultimately ended up for the better because if my requests would’ve been fulfilled exactly the way I wanted them in those particular situations, it would’ve left me in deep shit later on. If you strive to be a good/better person and help others as often as you can, most spirits will do what’s best for you and work within your best interests, even if it may not be what you had initially wanted or expected. They’ll often set aside your temporary/fleeting desires to put you in a better spot toward fulfilling your true will and having a better future.

many spirits will bare down on you in a variety of ways to see if you lack awareness, i dont think its a case of free will as much a issue of the practitioner not being prepared. almost every spirit ive ever come across other than a few specific types will push on you, if you lack focus and cannot keep your mind on issue, if you don’t have intimate knowledge and confidence in the tools and methods your using, whether the spirit comes to you outside of circle or if it shows itself to you when you close your eyes within circle (flashes of images in your head), or simply a spirit showing itself to you, and you reacting with fear or insecurity to its strong/overwhelming presence can break the circle and invite problems.