Are their any particular people Goetia spirits wont work with?

Are their any Goetic spirits who will not in any cirucmstances work with certain types of people?

King Belial can’t stand people who won’t take responsibility for their actions or aren’t willing to put in the work to get what they want. He also doesn’t like weak-willed individuals in general.


My ritual notes (if these particular ones weren’t lost to time) would show that when I was doing the 72 challenge as a beginner in evocation, there were a couple that didn’t agree with me. They would help me if I commanded them to, but I felt that it may be a bit of a poisoned gift.

My ritual notes for this are packed up by the movers. If I find them in November, I’ll try to remember to post back here with names and any info they gave.

I started backwards and believe I stopped at Purson before being tasked with something else, to narrow it slightly. Only two out of those. May be a different story now, as I’ve advanced since then.


Asmofay in his aspect of lord of lust isn’t a fan of people with strong boundaries around their sexuality.
I personally don’t engage in anything sexual with non humans period. I’m not the trusting type and entities can do more damage than humans of you let them in the wrong areas of your forlds, while we usually have less ability to tell what they’re doing and what they intentions are.

I think it’s very telling that this aspect of him would be angry about that, and to me it justifies my stance.

So as well as asking what entities won’t work with you, you should be equally careful and ask what entities you won’t work with.


Yes, it comes down to personality clashes and boundaries between two parties. I cannot really say there is a Goetic spirit that won’t work with me in my experience at this point, but there is definitely different levels of willingness for a lack of a better word.


Not if you are in charge and have the authority :wink:

The issue is that demons might not help you to actually help you, but you kind of force them to do so.

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