Are the spirits trying to take my energy?

There are over ten spirits in my room. All of who, are going inside me. It feels like spirits are going back and forth. Best way I could describe it is like balloons getting air and trying to constraint the oxygen, before it blows up. Also found a broken feather on the sink, a random black fly pop out of nowhere in my bathroom. Then a spider. Can someone please tell me what this means. The feather was also grey. Yesterday I found 2 full feathers side by side in a bush outside my house. It’s dark dark brown in real life. Also I don’t know if this means anything but one, I woke up this morning, having this weird sensation that I’ve been in a car, while I was asleep. Also a lot of my dreams are coming true. Super fast true.

When in doubt, banish, protect and shield yourself. Ten is a lot at once for the average balg user.

Even if they are all there to help you, the energy influxes can have negative effects.


Banishing isn’t helping.

Banish the source, not the force

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It ended up being a portal that was somehow opened. A lot of creatures continued to flow in. Me and @Nostre fought for a hour before we managed to remove everything.

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Does the broken bird feather and fly mean anything