Are Soul Bottles a Thing?

Such as soul bottles as outlined in Lovecraft or related grimoires (such as Donald Tyson & Asenath Mason). Has anyone tried their methods and had actual success, or is it supposed to be taken less literally? Alternatively, are soul bottles a thing in necromancy? I’ve tried Googling but the results have been overtaken by Skyrim and D&D links.

Not that I’m planning to do it, just curious about possible methods. I know that it is possible, e.g. kumantongs (amulet made with a fetus) which are quite popular, but the monks won’t disclose the method to outsiders.


Technically yes. But it’s used for a different purpose specifically to trap harmful(to you) spirits


This topic of “soul” magick came up in this video

while evoking the souls of the living has come up the method of reducing the dead to essential salts as described in lovecraft or tysons work for necromancy has not as far as i am aware. I dunno that it is very likely that if someone is experimenting with this that they would post about it.