Are sigilborne spirits real?

I found this guy online that sells sigilborne spirits.

Not sure what to make out of it:

I’m thinking to buy one just to test it out myself… although would appreciate any and all feedback.

I have found nothing but good feedback for him online… although when I have asked around on other magick forums I’ve been told they are not veritable spirits… although I’m leaning to the fact that they may just be.

Your thoughts?

Depends on how you define the word spirit.

I’d say that if you call on one for a specific result or series of results and you get them, then you’re on to something.

Without knowing his methods (and arrangement with spirits) you really can’t say, it could be thoughtforms/egregores or it could be spirits that have agreed to be manifested into the lives of others in this way. Even if they are egregores, nobody seems to agree on the point they become more than just guided thoughtforms. The man gives me a very positive vibe though, he feels sincere and believes in his work (and makes a pretty sigil).

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