Are parasites and other spirit beings attracted to Talismans?

I tend to collect my sigils (A.O Spare) and talismans, although they are very basic, but will they attract unwanted spirits over time? I’ve heard A.O Spare style sigils are unlikely to attract any spirits, I assume because they don’t really have much energy bound to them, but I push quite a bit of energy into my talismans with energy work, would that attract parasitic beings or other spirits?

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Not if you properly wrap and store them.


How can I properly wrap and store them?

Any energised object, such as talismans or other tools, should be wrapped in white or black silk and stored in darkness, which acts to put it to “sleep,” when it’s not in use.

You can also wrap them in tinfoil, which creates an energetic barrier, preventing any of the talisman’s energies from leaking out and attracting something.


Thank you! I will do that

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I store them in a folder as they are on paper, is it fine if I wrap the folder instead of them individually?

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Yes, that should work.

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Another question, will wrapping them in silk and storing them in darkness nullify their effect? So I will need to take them out for them to continue with their purpose?
And does tinfoil also prevent them from continuing their purpose?

No, silk and darkness will not nullify a talisman’s purpose. Like I said, it essentially puts it into sleep mode, until you unwrap it and wake it up.

Tinfoil will block the energy of the talisman though. If it didn’t, then it would be of no use in containing energies. It is basically a Faraday cage.

Active talismans are usually carried on your person.