Are offerings required?

The majority of the time offerings are not required. However for some spirits my question is: for some are they? Such as Lilith, king paimon and Belial. Because Evoked each of them without an offering. Because I did not have the resources for an offering. Because I heard Lilith was a meat eater and I could not afford meet. However I did feel the call of her presence, so that is why I performed the ritual and the same thing with the other two. I am concerned about the manifestation. Should I evoke them again with the offering?

You could always masturbate and at the point of orgasm visualize your sexual energy going to the spirit in question and intend it as an offering. You could also use blood, offer an entire candle, or offer a glass of water.

I am a big wine drinker and so there’s always a bottle in the house (I usually go through a bottle every two days). So, I’ll pour enough wine to fill a quarter of a mason jar and put that on my altar as an offering.


Offerings will increase the rate at which your results manifest to a great degree; if you can’t spare any you will have to wait longer for results.

I have a question. If you offer that can the spirit take it and impregnate them self with it?