Are my love spells going wrong?

Hi, it’s me again :sweat_smile:

So I’ve been trying to get back my ex of 4 months after 2 months of break-up with various spells cast by professionals and also menstrual blood and red candles that I worked with on the full moon.

We somehow managed to get in touch, agreeing to a non-romantic relationship, just a hook-up. I saw him today for the first time since the break-up and this was like… awkward as hell… the dude kept repeating me that it’s just sex and we won’t be together so I’m just thinking that my spells are going wrong since I see no possibility concerning the final outcome :confused: i’m going to keep on having sex with him but I don’t know how things will progress, and if they will ever do

Any advices ? Or new spells that I could use to make things evolve towards a sentimental situation?

It’s possible that the universe just doesn’t want you to be together. I’ve found in some of my own magics that if something is meant to happen, no matter what we do to avoid it–it’s going to happen. It’s possible being back with this person will keep you from growing as an individual.

There is a song by Garth Brooks called “Unanswered Prayers” and while I don’t necessarily subscribe to Christianity, the theme is still the same. If we stay focused on the past, we never move forward. If you get this “answered call” then it will keep you from reaching something better.

I’ll also mention that as someone who continually got back with an ex myself, they don’t change. You’ll have the same problems. If there were none, maybe they were entirely on his side. My belief is that if you really love each other, you have to love someone enough to let them go too…

But I will say continuing to have a fling with him isn’t healthy for either of you. Sometimes you just gotta move on. :frowning_face:

I agree with all yoy are saying… but I’m wondering really, why there is magick then? If we can’t change the circumstances and turn the things in our will, why there are even love spells?! They never work anyway, as it seems…
Im in the same plane with you @Ethenya, i have casted in 12 months now, around 12 spells in total (most of them are for break up )
And the results are the opposite, as in your case too :smile:


It’s a matter of perspective. I’m not saying that it can’t work (there are plenty of examples on the forum where it has), I just think that there are instances where no matter what you do the universe just isn’t having it for reasons that are beyond my understanding.

In my experience, I’ve had more success with general spells than targeted spells anyway. :woman_shrugging:

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This can go two ways. Since you have agreed to these terms (just sex) that is as far as it will go.


This is your sounding board. Here ya go make something out of it. Magic is not going to create a “life” for you. It gave you a piece to work with and mold. You can try and mold it or you can accept his terms. It boils down to what you are ok with. If you choose to mold be prepared to get even more hurt because you just put even more time and effort into it.

Did your love spell go wrong?? No. Not at all. This is the “deal”


Yeah it seems the spells to attract luck or abudance in general are more effective.
Its a huge topic this one, About the love spells but i would really love to see successful stories regarding love matters in here!!!
Except evocations and sex with demons LOL

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I’d say make a honey jar if you haven’t already.

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Well the circumstances are very unclear. We had made this agreement during the relationship, we tried to talk about it during the break-up but he changed his mind thinking it would be better to cut off all contact. We had a big argument that caused me to stop lusting for results and as soon as i got detached (which was preventing me from any result) he suddenly reappeared to tell me to come to his place, literally jumping on me when he first saw me lol he was so so so attracted and lustful yet nothing romantic

Thank you for your answers :wink: I’ve been thinking about my situation and maybe my love spell is meant to work this way, that this whole hook-up thing will lead to the outcome as feelings will gradually develop as a result. I don’t know if it’s a possibility since he seemed very insisting towards the fact that nothing will happen and it’s just sex. I know I can’t control events, but I still have some hope and faith in the magick. And anyway I really won’t complain about it whereas we could just have remained complete strangers. For now I think i’ll be going for a honey jar then we’ll see

Tbh the thing with love spells is that i feel like it works with literally anybody but me :joy::joy::joy:

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Im going to do my best not to sound preachy.

4 months is so new for a relationship. A year is still new. Honestly you’re still getting to know each other. If you’re ok with the relationship as it’s laid out then see where it goes. I would say your love spell is working but your wanting too much too fast. Let things go as their own speed. In time see where you are and he is. Maybe he has really been hurt and burned in the past. Get to know him and why he wants these things this way. Do what you are comfortable with. There are reasons why he is “that way”. Take time to learn more about him.

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My 4-month relationship was very intense, it involved seeing each other every day and talking until dawn, millions of messages exchanged I bet… We were very close, I feel like I know him well enough and that’s why I’m in a bit of a hurry about the results. Not to mention that he broke up because he wasn’t in love and that he persuaded himself, but that he had feelings and affection that kept disappeared right afterwards. I think you’re right, my spells are working but at a low speed, so I’m gonna take your advice and just take my time… Thank you a lot, you made things clearer to me :slight_smile:

I understand. Believe me I do. I’m even a bit envious as I have a man ive known since I was 13. Fell madly in love right then and there. 35 years ago. Still feel the same. Can not get a text spell to work. He will NOT do it lol. Never a fight between us. Never an argument. Nothing. I told him this earlier this year my feelings for him. Crickets ever since…

If I can offer any suggestion. Just be honest, upfront and patient. I waited 35 years to speak up and it seems like it was too late.

The spell is working well, he is showing you his true face. you are investing and put energy in a relationship which your ex partner doesn’t wanna anything serious but sex, the spell made oportunities to you meet him again and get involved.
Well… you can keep on casting spell, it may change his mind for a while but not forever, unless you do that in a constantly, but like my tarot cards showed me , you are putting too much energy in a relationship that is not worth.

Try The Archangel Anael

Hmmm probably there is a LoA thing. The idea that love is failing maybe interferes with the spells.

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An update. We had sex twice and I can say that the situation suddenly backfired ; he doesn’t even respect me as a human being. It’s not a mutual sex agreement anymore, he just uses me like his toy. We barely talk, he is not interested in me or in what I say, he just wants sex. So I come, he jumps on me first, we do it and I leave. Nothing more. No communication, no contact, he doesn’t give a fuck about my life. And of course he keeps on repeating that there’s no place for feelings, he is conscious about the hold he has on me and kinda plays with it.
I never knew about this side of him before. It’s all new. When I was with him, he used to be sensitive, caring, respectful (especially toward women, he grew up with a feminist mother), everything but not this thirsty monster. He had a big heart, he would even comfort strangers and listen to them whereas he doesn’t give a single damn about me. Even after the break-up, he would repeat that I was important to him, precious, that I deserve much better, that I made his days better etc… No one would imagine this from him. I wonder if it’s because of my spells.
I heard that love spells don’t usually work immediately, that there’s always a heartbreak period before any positive effects to be seen. I hope it is true because it hurts me a lot but I still want him because I love him and I know that the person that he displays right now isn’t him.
By the way he is mentally unstable, depressed, self-harm, alcohol, drugs. He is a weak target, since he always changes his mind a lot, never know what he wants, but I wonder if this makes the outcome harder to reach.

The spell may be affecting more you than him, yes it happens, if you wanna cast more spells i suggest you to be more stable in mind, it will bring better results and dont play his games, just like i had said, you’re looking for a stable and long term relationship with him, but he doens’t want that, your spell has nothing to do with his current behavior

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Thank you ! I’m already trying to meditate and get a more positive lifestyle. How do you think I should act towards him?

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Keep up your meditations, some banish will help a lot too, try dont be attached and obsessed for him, because your mind is making the spell weak,i can see you have too much pain, i saw on my tarot. raise your energy, when your feel you are no longer worried about that and when you feel you are ok, cast the spell again, put all put all your desire on the spell, after you finish the spell walk away and no longer think about the results. trust yourself and in tour skills.

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