Are Lucifuge Rofocale and Orixá from umbanda xapanã the same person?

The story goes that the God lucifuge rofocale is the same God Xapana, because of acts of correction and tales known by Omulu, Xapana and Babalu Ayê. The graphic form Abaluaê is also quite common. However, Omulu and Obaluaê are the most used.

The name Obaluaê means “Lord Owner of the Earth” and Omulu means “Son of the Lord”.

today is seen for what it is. A gentle orisha who helps all who need, however, those who deserve their fury, will feel tears and gnashing of teeth.

so is the same person Lucifunge and Xapana?

Does anyone have any experience to tell about this?

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U speak portugese,? Bcse i buy a bok from lou saint. And he exolains and give eituals to lird radhma,? Based on Brazil comunties, nite its a 1980s book still able but in french

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Sorry, but I didn’t understand what you wrote in my post!

yes I speak portuguese.

Evoke each of them and ask them yourself. Sounds like a project worth working on, if I wanted to know.

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but I want to know if anyone had experience and who can share?

Omulu is my orisha father.

Atotô Obaluaê


Its a book by lou saint, should be in amazon brazilthe author talk about a tribe who worship a deity, similar to lucifer, radhma. Tru it give seals, rituals and compare demons to tis entities, i tnk its call 12 bounhurs. Rare magic. Back in the 90s amd 2000,s it was a lot if black magic published by rare authors, i xnt buy them bcse tey were only in soutamerica etc, but try, mercado libre, or amazon brazil, mist were like very straight. About u qestion. It coulb be the same spirt, byt overthere, mist spirts have a twin.

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