Are Gordon Winterfield's rituals for conjuring demons respectful and fine for these beings?

I am getting really confused.
I read that commanding demons in a respectful, confident way, while also summoning angels, using some protection circles, triangles etc. is fine for demons, but later I read that these spirits don’t like it and due to your distrust they will start to ignore you… The rituals I’m using are from Gordon Winterfield’s book “Demons of Magick” and I’m wondering if demons feel ok with them. For example here I read it’s not.
Is conjuring demons while using protection circles, YHWH’s name, summoning angels alongside them fine? If not, then what is the most respectful and prefered method for conjuring demons?
Thank you for all the answers.

That’s a topic we have discussed many times here actually… I’d say, follow what you think it’s respectful. Some magickians don’t even care to be respectful towards any kind of Entities for example and some are worshipping them.
Some are saying they work along the Spirits like co-workers and some are saying the Spirits are working for them like employees and employer.
It’s all about what kind of behaviour you want to have towards them. Even as an employer in real life, you can either command your employee or ask. What express better yourself? That’s your answer.

I don’t constrain or command Entities but I do command energies as they are an extension of myself, so it’s really a command to my own self. But that’s just me, I treat Spirits as separate entities. Some others believe all the Entities are a part of ourselves. So, maybe you should answer these kind of questions first to yourself.


That’s how the rituals and talismans are designed and structured in this specific book. And they produce results for many people without any issues. This specific topic is explained in detail in the book itself by the author.

If you’ll start to look for people’s opinions regarding this matter and start an academic/philosophical discussion about using God’s names and Angels with Demons then you’ll end up doing nothing because you’ll find all contradicting beliefs and point of views from experienced practitioners.

My suggestion is that you read the book and follow the instructions in that book. Then judge your results. Focus on what the author says, not what anyone else says if you wish to use it.

If you don’t like that approach or it just doesn’t feel right to you from the start… then forget about the whole thing and use different rituals from a different system.

Just something to keep in mind and you can research it yourself if you have time… The 72 Demons and 72 Angels are SHEM SPIRITS. Shem-Angles and Shem-Demons. Meaning, belong to the Jewish God, they’re his powers and their names are based on the 72 letters name of God. There is no God vs Satan in Judaism. And the system in this book is based on Jewish beliefs and magickal traditions. Not the Christian view. Within this tradition, Demons don’t hate Angels and they’re not God’s enemies. They’re all his powers and work in harmony and balance.


I’ve been using his book and have done rituals 1,2 and 3. I didn’t like that I felt nothing during ritual 1 (I wanted a connection), so I skipped to 3 and had some interesting results, but felt I wasn’t truly ready to be attempting evocations, so I’ve been using ritual 2. The first 2 times I followed it by the book and really wasn’t too sure I had really felt any presence etc. So the last time I did it, I dropped the Ritual Opening that calls on the Archangels and just used the one Shem angel and the difference was amazing! I know without a doubt the spirit I called on was there and was able to hear a few words from him. I don’t know if this particular spirit just wasn’t okay with the Archangels or if they were somehow interfering with my connecting to the spirit, but I’m glad I practiced it a few times by the book and then made the adjustment as needed

I know that wasn’t exactly what you were asking, but just wanted to offer my experiences so far with using the angels during the rituals =)


Demons of Magick provides a vivid sensory approach to Workings. The sensory keys provided in the book as “evocation keys” are as much for you to tune yourself to the demon as they are for the entity.

The angelic protection brought to bear on the situation also serves a dual purpose. First, the ritual that reaches out to the angelic is highly elemental and alchemical. This transforms the mood of the mage from mundane to one that is highly potent. Secondly, by magickal correspondence, they are linked to the demon and help keep the ritual structured and controlled.

The highly vivid rituals bursting with elemental imagery and alchemy certainly catapult the magician’s state of mindset into an excellent mood for magick, that’s for sure.

The paperback has full page sigils, which makes it really awesome to use.

Hebrew and God names can pose a challenge however.

The magick works and results are consistent given how the rituals are laid out start to finish in the book. Doesn’t take long to memorize either.

Trust yourself.

Edit: When you get to the part of the ritual that deals with the demon, you could simply go out of your way to welcome the demon, that way you guarantee respect, which satisfies your initial concerns.


That’s alright, it was very helpful - I don’t feel much presence while doing Ritual 1 too, only with Glasya Labolas when I was imagining his Evocation Keys suddenly from being calm I felt something like a wave of fear on my back (it felt like he was standing right behind me) and it passed after few moments. I summoned this way few demons before and didn’t experience something like this. I haven’t got any results yet, but I’m not surprised because it has only been few days since I conjured him.


That’s great that you at least experienced that with ritual 1, especially with such a powerful spirit like, Glasya Labolas! That first sense of their presence is always amazing (even if a bit scary). I wish you all the best with your workings :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you and I wish you the same :slightly_smiling_face:

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TO form any type of bond, you will need to show them respect. Do not appease, just show them your respect.

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