Are God and Jesus just thoughtforms?

Do they only gain their power through people psychically praying to them and attributing miracles to them?

I do think that they are real, but I separate from them because there is too much manipulation associated with religion.

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They are systems, machineries, which can have multiple “drivers” witch different level of “rights” and “powers”


Some say Jesus was an ascended master. Some say he didn’t exist at all, who knows.

As for God, it depends. There is a thoughtform that has been created and has been growing over time. Many christians are praying to that thoughtform.

Some are also praying to the “All” or the “Source”, which does not make a lot of sense in my opinion, because the All simply exists. Why should it grant you a new job or care about your broken leg?

However, there also is YHWH, and he is a born god like others. You can also pray to him.


Jesus was a real very evolved soul to incarnated physically to plant seeds which would help human conciousness , of course he can’t control the further and future distortions of his teachings and if they become what he didn’t intend


It does not always have to be about religion by the way.
Faith, dedication and loyalty do not equal religion.
Religion is what people often make out of faith.
It is more about the people themselves, than about a god.
Religion defines how your path should look like, denying you (and your god) to be able to find that out for yourself. It is a way of unifying minds, for several reasons. But you don’t need it in order to work with the god of your choice.


Yes, i suggest when you mention god you think it as an “source” for all information that ever existed that hasnt made private, meaning patented by singular beings that exist also outside of god/source

I believe all entities are thought forms in their own way. That’s why they are usually presented to us in aspects we can best understand. These entities can penetrate our subconscious out from the Jungian collective unconscious which some might call the ethereal.

That does not, however make these entities any less real.

They may be thought forms in one way or another but that does not mean that they don’t have their own will and the more collective attention given to these entities, the more powerful they become and the more powerful their will becomes.

Also, I wouldn’t refer to anything as just a thought form. Thought forms are very powerful and make up what I believe to be the fabric of our reality.


How about the new Marlin Manson song: Say Ten… Kinda says a lot. So long ago Lucifer said, this worship of you(an angel that acted to be in charge) will not last for forever. That may sound like my assumption. The assumption that the same angel that pretended to be king above all is known as god by christiandom. Though not the real God. The jesus non-sense is ridiculous and irrelevant. Obviously not the original. He was called god with us(emanuel). Play pretend charade. The bible says he loved charades. Do you love actors?

In my experience, yes and no. They’re very egregoric (as almost all known spirits are) but not just that.

My take is that YHVH is one of the main aspects of the Demiurge and that Christ (as separate from Jesus) is a Demiurgic savior figure present in all RHP religions and systems as the main “substitute self” in Tiphareth to prevent the “Adept” in those systems from every really being able to individuate.

That’s the point at which the real, all too often permanent, soul damage is done. The true higher self is removed and the Christ consciousness is installed. The soul is then ready to be turned inside out and hollowed out by destruction of the ego so that it can become nothing more than a vessel for the monstrous ego of YHVH and spend eternity fluffing him in “Heaven”.

Speaking from experience, it’s hard to come back from, even if it only happened in this current lifetime.

Just my two cents and informed but still unverified personal gnosis. YMMV. Consult a metaphysician before beginning this or any other spiritual program. For gnosis lasting longer than 4 hours, consult a Theologian, as this may be the sign of a serious condition. Offer not valid in New Jersey.


Jesus the man was a magician. I fully believe he was a real person.
I have not ever had success with Jesus the entity.


There’s the original Canaanite God Yahweh who became monotheistic by the Israelites then there’s the egregore Yahweh that a lot of over the top Christians and hateful practitioners feed.

Jesus like Helena mentioned some believe is an ascended master, some think magician, there’s also some who believe he’s a fragment of Yahweh or a demigod of Yahweh impregnating a human woman (Mary) and him, Mary, and Yahweh forming a holy trinity.


He’s one of the Ascended Masters whom I actually have a lot of respect for (believe it or not). Although if he doesn’t personally resonate with you than you probably won’t have much success invoking him. He doesn’t personally resonate with me on a spiritual level, mainly because of all of the dogma that’s been attached to him but I personally do like the Gnostic/Luciferian idea of Christ.


You mean the Abrahamic God? In particular Yahweh? Both he and Christ are real from my experience but they’re quite relaxed.

There are the thought forms which the masses pray to whoever this is true of all other faiths such as the Krishna whom the Hare Krishna people pray to.


I like your perspective on this and it matches my own limited experience with angels. They don’t feel completely alive to me. More like machinery or even computer software. Like pieces of a cosmic operating system.

Which, interestingly enough, would make them “daemons” in the UNIX sense.

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Religion comes from a Latin word for “to bind” (cf. “ligature”).

I was religious, genuinely so, for many years. I’ve also been ‘spiritual’ for just as long. Long before I started down the path of magic and working with the demonic spirits. I’ve always been a seeker. It’s what led me into religion and what led me out.

Thank you for putting it so well.


YHVH is like the mainframe computer. You cannot see, speak to it or hear it directly. If you do, then you are actually talking to the egregore. Jesus is a figure romans created so you could use it as an interface to the egregore of YHVH. They needed a human face for believers to relate to.

But that’s just a theory… a magick theory. Thanks for reading.

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