Are demons scared on solomons ring, seal of solomons, hexogram of solomon

Are the scared or respectful of these items?

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I would not use any of these items, besides the sigils listed as they usually respond to these fine (from my experience and the experience of others). Anything relating to Solomon is usually seen as disrespectful, especially for demons classified in the Ars Goetia. None of these items are required to invoke or work with a demon safely.


Given it’s an attempt to force them into servitude you tell me, would you respect those tools if they were meant to force you against your will?

Any kind of forced evocation and the likes you’ll find most entities will fight back.


Fifth Pentacle of Mars is terrifying if you build it correctly. Keep in mind, some see it as our right to command and it has been my experience that these spirits can be deceptive. You shouldn’t be a dick about it but it’s handy to have it. From my own experience and people can attest to it, demons can and will deceive. Some are rebellious and don’t obey and it is considered a sin to worship them. If you have the Pentacles made you can make them bow and serve you. That’s what it’s there for, to make life easier. People have many agendas, protect your own.


Command from a position of strength, bring it out if it’s needed but don’t think you aren’t supposed to use it. It is Mankind’s divine right to command spirits don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.


Those items contain name, characters, words that terrifies them. So YES is the answer.

But do know that it is not only meant for Demons. Solomon stuff make cam any Spirits terrified if the object you carry has a name or character that frustrate them.

There are some of the items that they are respectful of…

And like @TT106 said, some of those pentacles are very dreadful and scary to these Spirits. The Fifth Pentacle of Mars as an Example.

I love this combo bro…


What can I say I learned from the best :wink:

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