Are Daemonic Enns Disrespectful?

Alright, so I’ve been told that using Daemonic Enn’s can be disrespectful since these same enns where used by magicians
that would bind these Daemons forcefully , but are they really disrespectful? I mean they work pretty damn well and I don’t wanna stop using them.

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Afaik enns for demons have their origins in the modern demonolatry system which respects demons and doesn’t seek to bind them by godnames.


Nah man. As long as you approach them with a open minded and respectful attitude, it doesn’t matter which enns you use.


Not disrespectful at all, you might even find that once you are in a good relationship with an entity it will give a personal speed dial and its nickname/lovename.

I recall Duke Dantalion advised me that older methods of calling forth were considerably more offensive as they assumed a master and servant/slave relationship.