Are covens needed

I read that witches are stronger in a coven and was wondering if thats true. If it is true how would you go about finding a coven or even go about finding like minded people, where are good places to look besides on here.

Anytime there is a group working for a single goal be it for the benefit of the group or a single member you will likely see stronger results. Also newer members get the benefit of having direct contact with the more experienced members of that group and are able to pick up things faster. As far as finding a coven, lodge, temple or order to join I haven’t a clue. I’d check occult shops and things of the like and ask if they know as well as google/facebook for any organizations in your area.

One, only wiccans and females call themselves witches lol. In most of these so called covens they usually have a problem getting everyone on the same goal, therefore they don’t get much out of their work. The best thing you can do is to call up an entity and ask him to get you in a group that could aid you in your ascent, I’ve heard Metatron is good at that.