Are Circles Disrespectful?

I have a question concerning circles that I am somewhat confused about and I am hoping someone can answer. After going through various websites regarding Spiritual Satanism, it is my understanding that The Demon Gods, especially those that are considered the Goetic Demons, do not like people who use circles, especially those used in evocation or in calling the being to a certain place, and that it is considered disrespectful to use one. I can understand their hatred of this being they were deified and disrespected by Christianity for thousands of years. But if, like me a newbie, has never really dealt with any of the demonic gods, would my first contact with them using a circle, say for protection or my own peace of mind until a trust can be built us between us, would this be considered disrespectful to them? I have never used a circle in all my years of Wiccan practice except when I was invited by various covens, and they used them. Would this be considered safe for me to go without a circle when making first contact?

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No, circles are not disrespectful.

They do not “protect” you, so much as simply provide a space in which you become God of your universe.

I have used a variety of circles with no issues, and in both of the books Evoking Eternity, and Works of Darkness, EA has the student cast circles.


I’ve never used a circle unless it’s a circular motion with a big stick in a forest to be used as one. This is moreso for grounding purposes where I absorb the most potent form of purification. Paracelsus is dead right, plants purify the atmosphere. I went off topic, oh well.

Casting a circle to some entities or daemons, to them it’s kind of like you saying “hey welcome to my home, I got a gun and cops on speed dial just in case”.

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Have to completely disagree with your analogy. Circles serve a purpose for the magician, but they do not threaten, coerce or otherwise disrespect spirits.

Of course, it all depends on the type of circle used. One enforced with godnames will carry a different intention than a simple visualized circle of energy.


Thank you very much for all your help. I am on sensory overload now and I am just trying to sort through everything and figure out how and where to begin. Everybody has their own way of doing things, and for me never having done this, but being drawn to these beings like a moth to flame, it gets so confusing. I do not wish to disrespect them or piss them off before I have even begun to try and reach out to them. Again, Thank you.

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As a complete beginner, I would recommend that you work within a circle. Not for protection, but because the act of tracing the circle and enforcing it with your will helps to separate the magical from the mundane, and puts you into the mindset for magick.


This is what I was wondering. I can understand why the Solomonic Circle would make them mad, but what type of circle would be enough for first time contact or in calling? And does one need the triangle along with the circle as I have seen some do?

Agreed, you’re not wrong. The casting circle is crucial in all aspects. I have enough trust in my skill to control what is necessary.

But yes, like you said; it depends what for. What is the circle being casted for? Moreso than not it’s for ceremonial or black magick.

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You really should read EA’s books Evoking Eternity, and Works of Darkness. He explains the why and hows of circles very well within their pages.

However, the simplest form is to fill yourself with energy through whatever method you prefer, point your finger or athame and visualize a beam of that energy searing into the ground in front of you while you pivot in place. In Works of Darkness, EA recommends visualizing the circle in blue.

Triangles are a bit trickier, as they have traditionally been used to constrain and bind the demon that is called, but again, it depends on your intention. In Works of Darkness, EA tells the reader to draw the triangle in a similar manner to the circle, only in red energy instead of blue. He states that the triangle is simply the place set aside for the spirit, like putting out a chair for a guest.


I only wish I could afford such books. Having only 30.00 left each month after paying bills, doesn’t leave much for books and such. I barely have enough to pay for medications and gas. Anybody have a simple spell for money I could try? LOL

If you want to learn how to properly cast a circle, I would recommend learning a banishing ritual like the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, or I AM’s Solar Banishing, both available on this forum.

Practice of such rituals daily will build up your ability to visualize, manipulate energy, cast circles, and create boundaries.


Circles aren’t required or anything but I would hardly consider them disrespectful. If you need them or desire them for your process not many things I find in my own experience are going to take issue. I usually use one so I’ve actually had entities surprised when I didn’t use them. It’s up to you whether or not you would like one in your practice but you should research them thoroughly. In short no I don’t think many demonic entities will take issue but it’s up to you whether or not you use them.


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