Are Black Magicians more or less sensitive to energies?

So I’ve come to notice there is a very particular strain of magickal people who take on a more warrior mentality (perhaps that is what a Black Magician must be if he is to be truly free and truly all powerful).

The idea of “being able to handle " more abrasive energies and those benefit for the work with demons has me wondering if BMs are " less sensitive” then say WMs or the Mystic New Agers, "that really externalize their shadows and demons.

I’d like to think (as a cancer, but also a poet and writer) that I am very sensitive to the subtest changes in the energies and emotions of a room, AND YET I am always drawn to the warrior energy of exploring the forbidden and unknown/ and finding battle and conflict other around me or around the world.

So if a BM is more inclusive (not less) then any other magickal system, then working with darker more sexual, or more conflictive energies doesn’t mean your developing thicker/ blunter sensory organs right?

I suppose a sensitive warrior that isn’t a cancellation of both those intentions but a full embodiment of what that both mean might be a different archetype all in itself.

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