Are binaural beats enough?

Hello peops,

Just wanted to ask if listening to binaural beats while meditating will be enough for a daily meditation session.

Something like this

Meditating on the intent and purpose of each of the channels binaural beats.


Or perhaps even this?

I personally listen to them a lot and they help me. But I also do meditate in quiet when I can. I have used ones for sleep as well where I let them play all night.

Everyone is different but I’m my case they work for me. But music is a big part of my life.


I use it with great results for when its tough to get to sleep. For meditation, you;ll want to go through several different tracks probably until you find the one(s) that resonate with you. Good luck!!

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Yeah, but I mean use specific binaural beats for specific results. For example the one above, acquire psychic abilities (in this case telepathy, hearing seeing spirits), anyone got results with just listening while meditating?

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I think its different for everybody, but you should find a lot of people in the forum that can help… I just happen to be online with you right now… keep checking, asking questions and putting yourself out there and you’ll get the answers or direction you need

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Aight thank you.

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You bet! Anytime!

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As long as you meditate with intent, and practice some sort of technique while listening to the beats, you should get some results.

My opinion:

They are great tools. Binaural beats can help you get in the right frame of mind, the right brainwave state, to be able to do/achieve things like PK and Out of Body Experiences, psychic powers, etc. Though they are just that, they use sounds to entrain the brain into a specific state (alpha, theta, gamma, etc), but are not the blanket cure all that they are sold to be most of the time. The quality of these recordings depend on a lot of factors: from what tech was used to produce them, to HOW you are listening to them and the quality of your headphones/speakers.

To get results from just listening? I guess that would depend on what you view as results? Will your state of mind shift? Sure, if it was made well, you should feel the effects within 7-10 mins of listening (for the average person). Will you get supernatual powers by just listening? That I do not think so. You should be using them as tools, like your magical tools, to help you achieve what you want to achieve. So if you want to do PK, use the beats to help entrain your brain and relax you, and practice the PK techniques. You need to put in the time still to develop your powers, but binaural beats can be a sort of ‘shortcut’ to those who have a hard time falling into a good trance-state to be able to do ‘cool things.’

The neat thing with binaural beats is that after a while of using them, you should be able to feel and recognize when you are in the optimal state, and it should help you fall into the trance-state or whatever range the beats are for (hz wise) faster and faster. Eventually you won’t even need their help for a trance state.

Its about bringing awareness to your body, mind, and spirit. Once you realize you can fall into trance, your own power and confidence will sky rocket.


I mean getting into trance is easy. I was just hoping that it could help in what I’m trying to achieve.

everyone has their way, if binaural beats help you, go with them, others prefer quiet, others mantras and others mantras and asanas

xD well if you have that part down, I don’t think they will of much help to you besides maybe placebo or building a positive feedback loop. I’m just saying, what binaurals actually do vs. what they are advertised to do, the difference is really laughable xD All they do is get you into a particular state of mind. The rest is up to you and your intent. Good luck though :smiley:

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Ok thank you.

I used to use them quite a bit when I was new to meditation but not anymore, but don’t get me wrong, I find them to be great tools for focusing. I used to use I-dosers spiritual ones, found them to be pretty helpful. I would use them if you want to get the feel of meditation,and how to recognize that you are in the state you want to be in, but after a while I’d recommend trying to do it on your own so you can really help your own power.


Yes, I use them regularly but it is also important to be able to meditate without them and practice active meditation in everything you do. They are very helpful.

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I’m not talking just meditation. I mean activating abilities with them. I know how to meditate without them, but I was hoping to activate the powers that the title of the binaural beats promises.

The binaural beats aid shifting states of mind through new stimulus. Apart from that, the way the work in terms of “abilities” is much like a ritual and is affected by your beliefs. It might be more helpful to use a subliminal with audible and inaudible tracks aimed at your goal.
It’s all Placebo. Placebo is powerful because consciousness is the only reality.

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Ah, I understand now. Ok thank you