Are any of the magick courses on this site worth buying?

If so what would you recommend to me?

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Many BALG people (not myself) have bought from the courses here and still do so most likely all of them depending on your goal.

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I have no specific goal! I’m just curious as to what everyone has to say.

Actually would be hurrible to waste time and money in a magickal course which doesn’t vibrate with you. There are gnostic satanism, anticosmic satanism, luciferian, ahrimanian, wicca, paganism, enochian, gypsy, voudon, necromancy and so on. You should try each of them and stick to the current where there is some poltergeist, strange smells, light or whatever. That current is yours to workout :wink:


I think his evocation course is a good place for a beginner to start. He gives you enough knowledge to basically evoke any entity you choose and change your life in whatever way you feel best. I highly recommend it


Lol I heard Koetting got scammed with that Vodun course :joy::joy::joy: