Are animals aware of the spirit world/afterlife?

Do they have an inborn knowledge of what happens after death? Do they know if they’ll reincarnate?


I don’t know about all animals… but mine don’t know nothing about reincarnation.

But cats - and dogs to some degree - are sensitive to spiritual presence. That I know for a fact. My cat used to walk on walls and flip in the air in slow motion like neo in the Matrix when I contact spirits. Dogs also can sense spirits but from what I’ve seen they get in protection mode or run like wet rats, depends on which kind of dog you have and what kind of spirit you’re contacting!


I guess knowing would take purpose out of life.


I don’t think so… that’s something we would say to have faith in the absence of evidence.


The first issue most have is thinking other animals think like humans do, they don’t but this does not mean they do not have purpose, thoughts or souls just like we do.

Do they know what reincarnation is? In the way we do, i’d say no but could they have some kind of understanding of it, yes they can.
The thing about them is, unlike us, they don’t see themselves as separate from the world itself. We strive to de-attach ourselves from “Earth”, they don’t bother or even understand why we do such things.


Personal experiences incoming: they know there is something, I spoke with the Higher Self of one of my pets and the spirit clarified that they love life, fear death in a natural and normal way, but when it’s time, they know it’s not “the end.”

And if you’ve ever had a pet who was old enough or ill enough, even with the best palliative care money can buy, you see a time when they’re ready to let go of life, and that implies in and of itself awareness that death is a different state than being alive.

From whom could they have acquired this, if not some deep knowledge that embodied life is not the only state of existence? There is no canine Descartes teaching “I think, therefore I am” in puppy school.


In my own personal view animals are like humans in the sense they experience love, fear, happiness, etc. However, I don’t believe they are similar in soul so to speak as in I believe animals all just fragments of the same soul that constantly reincarnates in a cycle of animals becoming different animals herbivores experiencing life as a carnivore, dog experiencing life as a bird, etc etc. However, it’s been said that cats, dogs, and birds tend to react to energy just as we do but in a different manner so to speak so it’s not improbable.


Mt cat has been with me for 34 years and yes he has reincarnated 3 times on his 4th life currently.


I dont know how much they know in their life, but at least when I was young I was told that cats could always see “ghosts”, so I felt very safe with cats around.

A bit irrelevant but, there is a cat that was probably gone from this life 10 years ago (he left home so we never knew exactly what happened) that kept occasionally coming back to my dreams, all these years. He was my grandma’s cat. And he kept feeling more and more human-like in recent years…


My dog seems to be able to sense spirits to. Which I’ve noticed. I notice when a certain spirit (particular one that’s with me) moves on my bed/in general…Billy (who sleeps on the floor) will look up in the entities direction.

Before that when I had poltergeist activity (from same spirit) he would act alert, on guard. So he’s definitely aware.