Can the four Archangels be used for black Magick or used in the LHP?
Has anyone tried or has an experience to share

You are comming to the understanding that “black magick” and “LHP” are just labels


People who use black magick and claim to work with LHP work with angels all the time.


By “four archangels,” are you referring to Uriel, Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel?

I ask because there are more archangels than just those four.

If that is indeed who you are referring to, I’m not sure if they would be willing to work in a baneful capacity or not (assuming that is what you mean by “black magick”). Michael, especially, seems to have a distinct dislike for that kind of stuff.

However, the “Left Hand Path” is simply the philosophical underpinning of one’s approach to magick and spirituality, and has no bearing on whether you can work with angels or not. They will work with anyone, as many here can attest to.


There’s 7 well known archangels tho actually nine as sometimes two are replaced by another 2.


Yes the four archangels, I’m talking about performing black magic work with them or asking them to do something that people mostly assign to demons.

What are the names of the other archangels apart from these four that I know

Metatron, Haniel, Raziel, Iophiel, Kamael, Tzadkiel, Tzaphkiel, and Sandalphon.