Archangels Sigils Of Power

Hi! I’m new so excuse me if I make any mistake. I have the book Archangels of Magick by GoM, today i performed my very first ritual ever! I did Archangels Sigils of Power. The problem that i needed help with has to do with courage and since performing the ritual I’ve been feeling extra down, so fearful and unsure of myself that I actually started crying for a good hour at night ( I did the ritual during daytime).
My question is can the ritual have an opposite effect on my emotions?


I know there are no responses to this but just thought I’d update anyway. After the first day when I performed the ritual, things changed, something happened in life that put my mind at ease about the issue that I was concerned with and had asked for courage for. Happy to say I’m totally looking forward to what was once causing fear in me so I would say grand success! :slight_smile: (sorry for being vague, I didn’t want to go into detail about my issue.)


Didnt see this before know but it seems you have come to the same conclusion that i was going to say, simply that.
You have faced the things that you needed the curace to face and realised they perhaps wasnt that bad once you faced it head on and this will give you trust in yourself which is simply what curage is.
The best part is that you come tot hos conclusion yourself that way the lesson will be worth more to you and is something you will cheerish.
Happy it turned out good for you.

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Glad to hear about your success :slight_smile: . Sometimes in order to receive a positive result, some seemingly negative things need to happen first in order to get to that end-goal. In your case, as is often the case with emotional healing in my experience, you first have to face and fully process the negative emotions in order to change them into something positive.

The same could also happen with financial magick, for instance. Sometimes there’s so much momentum going against you, that some “bad stuff” is inevitable. What the magick will do, however, is make that bad stuff not as powerful, and will make it pass much more quickly than it otherwise would, so that you can get to the good stuff at the end of the tunnel.

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions about the archangels! I’ve worked with them pretty extensively myself, on both practical and spiritual matters.


Is it alright for me to send you a message?

Me? Yeah absolutely, always happy to help.

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Okay thanks. Sent you a message.

Thank you! Yes, I agree with you said and thanks again, I might send some questions your way :slight_smile:

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