Archangels for non-christians

So I am thinking about contacting some archangels that I want to work with but the problem is that I’m not christian. I am a hindu. Would that turn off the archangels?

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No it won’t. It’s totally fine :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response

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I second @PrinceX’s statement.

Angels (and other kinds of spirits) don’t care what your religion is, if any. All you have to do is be respectful to them and you’re fine.


I have never been Christian and I work with angels all the time. Angels and Demons transcend religion, as they are far older than some merely 2000 years old desert cult.


I firmly believe that they’re older than Judeo Christian religion and got grouped in along the way

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Thank you so much for your answer

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Angels respond to everyone.


Archangels are very accepting don’t care as much about religion part of this is because they actually do not fully connect with Christianity they likely predate Christianity Judaism islamic and Catholicism all were created after archangels came into existence I’m almost sure of that and religion is created by man anyway so they do not judge but do not double cross them it’s ok to worship other things besides the angels but do not double cross them what ever that means in the circumstances given for you in that Case


I have a close connection to an archangel, and he also became my protector, and I am an atheist. They don’t care about your religion.

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I worked with them during my Hindu days and I highly recommend you start with Michael.


Michael and Gabriel do anything for anyone whether they be christian,hindu,muslim or a satanist.


Most archangels don’t care those are some very popular ones that are also very open and don’t care about religion