Archangels dark side

Has anyone here worked with any of the 7 Archangels dark side?
I’m currently working with my guardian Gabriel and Michael and it has never crossed my thoughts about them having a dark side, I would really like to hear any experience you all have when it comes to working with their darker side and how it is, what they specialize in and all.

What do you mean by “dark side”?


i only came across their demonic side once

however, Lucifer is (to me) a dark Seraphim, ex Archangel

Lol I tried to put an easy word for it.
Well I’ve read about Gabriel having a " darker aspect " where he specializes in curses and destruction as an example.

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What’s that? Do humans have a cat side?

I’m not trolling btw I’m asking serious questions.

So that would imply that darkness equals destructive things. It does not. Light can be destructive, too. Angels can destroy. No need to make it their “dark side”.


it was a very brief moment while i was getting on the train, my energy was changing a bit and the form of the Archangels took horns and got dark (but i dont remember correctly as it was a long time ago)

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That’s actually very interesting, did you know who?

who what?

Curses and destruction aren’t necessarily “Dark”, that’s more the modern belief around it. But the Angels can bring immense justice if called to, which naturally is destructive, but not “Dark”.


They can appear how they wish, but it does not necessarily mean that their soul is, say, Demonic. For many they appear to people in Human form, because that is how people would like to see them. Their true form is usually very abstract however, and can be a bit strange… so because they appear as Human does not make them Human in that sense.

the closest ive gotten to that was beings of light without a head, and i think armour

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also ive witnessed their dark side once, much like ive witnessed Lucifers light side and once he took the form of a seraphim angel of light to exorcise me

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Speaking as someone who works regularly with angels, they don’t need a “dark side.” They can be scary as shit easily enough as they are lol


Hahah I agree on how intimidating they can be

The most scared/creeped out I’ve been occultwise concerned an angel of the 42 letter name. They do not fuck around. :sweat_smile: