Archangels and Lucifer

So I am planning on doing a lot of spell work these next few weeks. I am starting to grow relationships with angels which I have never dabbled until recent. Archangel michael has been very helpful to me so far so with my heartbreak, I definitely feel a lot better than I did. He’s also protecting me and my magick works. I’m wondering if there would be a problem if I evoked Lucifer, a few demons, and archangels to help this upcoming binding spell that I’m going to do . I want this bind to be really powerful and to last for eternity. Any thoughts?


Historically speaking (and magically) The Archangel Michael and Lucifer have always been enemies or at the very least have a deep rivalry going on between them, so it’s probably not a good idea to summon them both in the same space together.

Best to evoke them one at a time and ask them if they are willing to work with one another, but from what i have seen and know about them the answer will most likely be “HELL NO!”

Now there are angels and demons who are perfectly find with working side by side but you can never tell which ones until you’ve developed a good working relationship with them, but in this case i advise you to be extremely cautious going forward, i only say that because i’ve summoned entities at the same time unknowingly that they hated each other’s guts and that was not a fun experience to go through. So just go slowly and good luck.


Thank you !!