Archangels and blood offerings

There are safe ways to get your own blood, but you dont have to if you don’t want to.

If you do want to, you can buy lancets to help prick yourself, which are often used by diabetic people to check their blood sugar level. Even a drop is enough. It does depend where you live about sepsis and its likelihood, such as water cleanliness and such, but if you live in a place where clean water is available to you, just make sure to wash your hands.


Washing my hands in the ritual chamber after I offered my blood?

You can if you want to, but I mean keep your hands clean after you draw blood until the wound heals. That way you don’t have to worry about sepsis. It’s not likely to get, but if it helps to ease your mind, washing your hands will prevent it from happening.


But it takes some times before the wound is closed. My wound would be open during my ritual working which high the risk of sepsis.

When I started, I used a scalpel. I’d use an alcohol wipe before and after, on the blade and my wound. Didn’t have any issues.

I use diabetic lancets now and when pathworking through something or doing a magical friends with benefits group, it’s not uncommon that I have two or three prick marks on each finger the entire time. You should be fine.


I’ve never offered any blood because my main Goddess and a few others warned me not to. I’ve heard blood offerings to link you to the entity you’ve offered it to so it’s a serious commitment.

As others have mentioned, you can offer blood to Angels but as I haven’t done it, I can’t say much except ask them first

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Can someone explain this … is it okay if the blood is not fresh , cause i have a fresh wound and i was thinking of using the blood and apply it on 5-6 empty pages and use them next week when i am planning to do a ritual

Are you doing your workings in a sewer? The risk of sepsis is very low in controlled environments.


I become nervous if I really have control over my environments.

My experience is that the holes from lancets close up pretty quick, and I usually have to squeeze the blood out anyway (this can depend on hydration as well). Maybe I’m not poking deep or hard enough. Or maybe the skin on my fingers is thick.

I use hand sanitizer before, and if I need to poke a few more holes then I’ll use hand sanitizer again.

Been doing blood offerings for over a year now and have never got an infection.


Imo, fresh is better.

My experience is that a purposeful bloodletting is usually preferred on the spot at the moment (circumstances withstanding)

Sometimes I get cuts at work and when I was about to offer it by smearing some onto a pendant I usually get a hard "NO".

There’s no life in old blood on something.

Might be different if you’re also offering the pain and circumstances of what made you bleed (some kind of accident, or fight of some sort).

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I know this has come up with you and blood before, so maybe you should just let it go and not use blood. No sense in continuing to beat on the topic when it’s the same response.