Archangel Talismans of Power- forgiveness ritual

Just wanted to post here that today I decided to do my first semi big girl ritual after reading through Damon Brand’s Archangels of Magick.

I chose to start with the forgiveness ritual and aim it towards myself. To help me forgive my partner over a sensitive topic that I’ve held on to for FAR too long. Literally making our lives hell because I can’t just move tf on :neutral_face:

ANYWHO, at the end it is said to envision the talisman as a bright white star going into your heart and I’ve never had such a profound feeling before! Maybe cuz the only Magick I’ve done is very basic and I didn’t fully believe in myself. Maybe it’s because this is such a heavy topic for me but as soon as I imagined it going into my heart I burst into tears. My body is tingly still. What a beautiful feeling💗

Just wanted to share here☺️ I saw so many recommendations for the book and my boyfriend got it for me and I’m loving it already!

That’s all from me, have a great day everyone💓


Your boyfriend bought you a magick book? Haha that’s awesome.

Sounds like you had a pretty profound experience that’s amazing.
Angels are really powerful and archangels are the most powerful so expect nothing less.

I do the opening, then circle of power ritual before my other rituals just as a basic protection and banishing.

That ritual (the basic calling) is super power and ridiculously easy to memorize, a way better alternative to the Golden Dawn’s traditional Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram.

Don’t underestimate that book!

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Yeah, he’s pretty supportive of everything I do hence why I need a little boost of help with this :joy:

The book is great! I’m so happy he got it. I actually read the section about the circle of power AFTER performing this though so I’ll definitely be adding it in my next go. I flew right into this ritual because it just felt very right to give it a shot right then and I feel confidently about it since my mood is already lightening. Though I do need to work more on protection and banishing so I’m glad something like that was in there so I can look back on it easily until I memorize it.

I’m excited to read more of Brand’s work and the GoM as a whole!